Christmas decor

Home Christmas Decor 2015

I would categorize my Christmas decor as “Down Home” or “Traditional.” I don’t have a color-schemed tree, or florist-created centerpieces for my tables.  I use what I have collected over the years and we love it.  It’s unpretentious, and simple.  It makes my heart smile. I hope it will make yours smile, too as you take a look around today.

Our Christmas tree is in our family room, upstairs.  You can see it from the street because the window is on the front of the house.  Our ornaments (and we have a BUNCH!) are ones we’ve collected over the years from family, friends and on vacations.  Each one brings a special memory of the giver or the place we purchased it.  Decorating the tree is like flipping through a scrapbook or picture album full of sentiment!


It’s our tradition as a couple to hang the “1981 Our First Christmas Together” ornament and exchange a kiss.  It’s not only family tradition, it’s like another seal on our commitment to one another!


Here are some little glimpses of other places in the house – some explanations will follow.


The fireplace mantle is a fun place to decorate.  I have my snowman collection there, with lots of white lights and white accessories to keep it looking like a snowy scene.  When Christmas is over, I change out my chalkboard and put up a snowy message for January.

I love my Christmas dishes.  I purchased them at Target after Christmas for about 90% off!  They’re Holiday Celebrations by Christopher Radko. I use them every day all month long – not just for Christmas day.

Those salt and pepper shakers say “Seasons greetings” – ha!  My attempt at making a pun.  =)  My husband bought me those years ago, and I adore them.  They ARE cats, after all!

The boxwood wreath is on the guest bath door.  It’s easy to tell a guest that the restroom is “the door with the wreath on it.”  I simply wrapped red trim around the boxwood to give it a festive touch.

The Guest bath has a tiny tree on the table.  Just a little touch of Christmas.

My Scrabble tiles near the nativity say” Born to Die.”  What a precious Gift!

My entry table is rustic and is there to share a chocolate treat, give off a warm candle scent, and receive signatures in the Guest book of those who come to our home.

Our door is open to you, friends!

Merry Christmas!


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