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Spiritual Check-Up

Being with family over Christmas was so much fun. It was interesting to me how much reminiscing we did! Isn’t it fun to “remember when?”

“What was your favorite childhood memory?”

“Remember when we all…”

“I’ll never forget the time…”

were phrases that were repeated over and over  – like a toddler with a question.


At the close of 2015 and at the brink of 2016, I’m thinking quite a bit about the year that has passed. Paul reminds us to forget that which is behind and press toward the mark, but I think sometimes a reminder of accomplishments and failures alike can help motivate our future. I’m going to call it my Year-End Check Up. Here’s how I’ll check my spiritual health – I’ll ask a question and then find a practical way to analyze that area.

Check-Up List:

  • What Scripture have I memorized this year? Write down the references and recite the verses.
  • Has my prayer time improved or slacked off? Look into my prayer journal to see prayer requests added or checked off because they were answered.
  • What portion of Scripture have I read that has changed me? Look into my personal devotional journal and Bible studies completed. Was it meaningful? What did I learn and apply?
  • Was my church attendance regular? Was I serving faithfully in my church? The answer to this is simply to remember what I did or didn’t do.
  • Did I give faithfully to my local church? Look at the Tax return they give at the end of the year.
  • Did I pour into anyone else’s life for the Gospel’s sake? Write their name in my prayer journal.
  • Did I disciple anyone? Write their names in my prayer journal.
  • Am I closer to God today than I was this time last year? Ask the Lord in prayer.

Inspection of our spiritual lives is important if we desire to grow. I pray you’ll take time to have a check-up before the new year comes!

Do you have another question you’d ask during your check-up?

With love,

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Check-Up

  1. Thank you, Denise, this is a great idea. I want to give this some thought. I have to ask (this is kind of a superficial question) where you got your beautiful calendar? More importantly, how do you set up/structure your prayer journal & devotional journals – I would love your input. Thank you & many blessings for the New Year.


    1. Hi Jenny! The calendar is my mom’s and it came from the veterans. It is beautiful, isn’t it?
      As for my prayer journal, I have a small 5 by 7 notebook in which I break down requests for each day of the week. I Pray for each of my family members every day but for different request each day. Same with church leaders, government officials, missionaries unsaved and then miscellaneous. It’s a blessing to have record of the things I’m praying for so I can check them off when they have been answered! Hope this helps.


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