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Loosening and Laughter

For this weekend you may have planned for lots of activities – maybe ballgames, shopping, cleaning, and housework.  But have you also planned for FAMILY FUN?  Maybe you will have fun with your family as you do those activities, but can I encourage you to also pre-plan for some fun?

Be intentional about thinking through what you could do as a family that would create fun, memories and laughter!  After a stressful week of school and work, everyone needs to relax and have fun!!  No matter if you’re single, married with no children, married with a whole brood – we all need to plan for a time of loosening and laughter!  Consider:

  • Making homemade pizzas.  Let everyone make a mini one and create it to their personal taste.
  • Playing games.  Twister, Spot it! ( I saw a version of this at Tuesday Morning’s this week!), Hide and Seek, charades, Sorry!, etc.
  • Watching old home DVD’s while munching on Popcorn
  • Look through old photo albums (be willing to laugh at yourself!)
  • Divide the family in half and have a two team digital scavenger hunt using Mom and Dad’s cell phones (parents as team captain).  Take pictures of things like:Everyone on a horse, trying on funny shoes, buying a cookie, etc.  Have a time limit and meet back and see who got the most/best pictures!

The possibilities are limitless.  Just do it.  Loosen up and laugh.  It will be good medicine!

Laughter does good like a medicine.
Proverbs 17:22

I heard a great message about this yesterday.  It will encourage you to keep having times of fun as a family!

Stay refreshed!

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