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Inviting God For Supper

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I have such great memories of supper meals when I was a child.  Mealtime was regular, delicious, and a daily family event.  When I got married I was determined to make it the same for my family.  We guarded our evening meal as a sacred time each day to gather together to eat, of course, but also to make memories and build spiritual principles in our girls.  How would we do that?  By making sure that God was always an invited and welcomed guest at our table.

Whether or not you have children, mealtime should be a time that points you and those at your table to God.  Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Be sure to stop and say a heartfelt thanks for the meal and those gathered around your table. This may seem like a given, but it’s easy to either forget to pray or to just offer a quick little “empty” prayer. Why not consider:
    Ask a different person to pray each night.
    Have everyone at the table say a sentence prayer.
    Pray at the end of the meal instead of before.
  • Use table conversation starters that point the conversation to spiritual matters.
    “What was a challenge to you when you read  God’s Word today?”
    “How did you see God at work in your life today?”
    “How can we pray for you?”
    “What can you thank God for today?”
  • Make the end of suppertime your family’s devotional time.With busy schedules and hectic bedtime routines that follow the meal, it can be hard to find time as a family to be in God’s Word later.  Take 15 minutes to read the Scriptures and/or a family devotional book while you’re seated at the table.
  • If you have guests, and you’re a singing family, why not sing a hymn together? We have friends whose husband plays the guitar.  What a sweet time we have in their home as he gets the guitar out and we sing and rejoice with them after a meal!

These are simple ideas, but I hope it gets you to thinking about making suppertime a special time to bring your dinner companions to God’s Banquet table!

What ideas could you add to these suggestions?

Tomorrow we’ll talk about setting a pretty table!

With love from my country table,

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