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A Refuge for the Storm

Last night a storm rolled through East Tennessee.  I made a dash out to the back porch to rescue the pillows on the swing from being carried to Virginia!  The wind was blowing so hard and the rain had begun to fall in sheets.  I didn’t stay out on the porch any longer than necessary, but quickly made my way back to the refuge of my home.

I then gathered my Bible study books and Bible and curled up on the sofa to read and pray.  I opened a new favorite book of mine, “Praying Through the Names of God” by Tony Evans.  The name for the day was “ELOHIM MACHASE LANU” ~ God my Refuge.  How appropriate was that on a stormy evening?!

As I read the Scriptures that use this name for God, I was reminded of how often I run to other things or people before I run to my Refuge.  It’s sinful to allow something else or someone else be my Refuge when God is the One Who will do what none other can do!

When I stepped out into the storm to rescue my pillows wouldn’t it have been foolish if I would have run out to the arbor in the backyard for refuge from the howling winds?
What if I decided to make a run over to the neighbor’s house to protect me?
Or what if I just grabbed a bag of Oreos and munched away while standing in the pouring rain?
All these are foolish, and trust me, I didn’t think of anything but getting inside to the refuge of my own home – the closest thing to me!

But how often do you and I look to someone else – perhaps our spouse or our pastor or church leader to be our refuge when a storm hits?
Perhaps food is a source of comfort and we use it as a crutch to get us through.  We may think – “Another cookie, chocolate bar or bag of chips and we’ll be just fine.”
Maybe medications are the balm we use to calm us down and keep us from really noticing how difficult this storm really is.
List making and trouble-shooting could be another replacement for running to the One Who is our eternal Refuge. He has the answers we need, and we will only hear those answers in His Word and in prayer.

We must do what is wise – head to the Door – straight to our God,  ELOHIM MACHASE LANU, our Refuge and know the safety, the love, the protection He is.  He must be our first source as a Refuge.  Just like my house was the closest refuge, God is nearer to us than even our trouble is!  Running to anyone or anything else is sinful and foolish.  Let’s get out of the presence of the thunder’s rumble and run to our Refuge where we’ll find all we need.

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God (Elohim) is our refuge (Machase Lanu).  Psalm 62:8

With love,

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