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Spiritual Leftovers


I spent a good deal of time early this week cleaning out the fridge – not one of my favorite jobs to do. After the fridge being crammed to its limit with all the Christmas dinner, plus extra cheeses, whipping cream container, refrigerated desserts, etc. there was a lot to contend with. There are crumbs to be wiped out of the drawers, shelves that must be wiped down from dripping this and sticky that, and then the leftovers that have to be dealt with. Why didn’t we just eat the whole ham on Christmas day? Oh, yeah, I bought an extra big one because I wanted leftovers. The blessing is that I can make several good meals with those leftovers I came across. Why one evening we had ham biscuits using the last of the Angel Biscuit Dough and ham pieces. Yum! The ham bone is safely tucked into my freezer ready for soup beans in the future.

My spiritual life is nothing like my refrigerator. “Duh!” you say. You didn’t need to read this blog to figure that out, right? But wait – don’t we often act as though they are similar? Let me explain:

We get filled up with good things on Sunday. We hear a great Sunday school lesson and a sermon that stirs our heart. We may even walk to the altar and make things right with the Lord. We return on Sunday night and are challenged by testimonies and the Word again. Our “shelves” are full.

We get up Monday morning and rejoice in all that we heard on Sunday, and know we need to be in the Word, but we slept in a little longer than we’d anticipated, and now we’re short on time if we’re going to make our morning appointment.

Tuesday finds us on the Internet with our morning coffee, then putting in a load of laundry, and before we know it the morning is gone with us trying to just live off the leftovers from Sunday.

By Wednesday we’re spiritually hungry, and those crumbs on the shelves are getting more and more crusty and dry. When we return to prayer meeting we have no testimony to share because our cup hasn’t been filled all week. We sit and listen to others and wonder what happened and why God doesn’t speak to us like He does to Mrs. So and So.

Living off of the leftovers cannot make one spiritually healthy. We need fresh manna every day, just like the Israelites. They had to gather that heavenly food each morning; so must we.
So, how’s your fridge? Is it full of yummy leftovers? You’ll enjoy some good meals! Just remember you can’t live off of spiritual leftovers – they’ll never satisfy the longing in your heart.
With love,

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