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Strategies for Simplifying Life

Wow, I’ve got a lot going on in my world, as I’m sure you do, too. As I’ve thought through a few ways to simplify my life this day/week/year, I thought I’d share my strategy with you.  Do you need encouragement in that area like I do?

Strategy #1 –   Pray – Whenever I get a little overwhelmed, I try to remember to run to my prayer closet  and give my plans, my cares and my day to the Lord.  He then directs my steps and I accomplish what He knows is necessary and I let go of the rest! So if this first week of a new year finds you a little out of breath, breathe upward in prayer!

Strategy #2 – Un-clutter – Sometimes there’s just too much material stuff that we are dealing with and we need to un-clutter and pare down.  I did that recently with my Christmas decor. I went through every box, and removed the things I haven’t used in a couple years or that I don’t LOVE!  I ended up with FOUR empty bins!  It felt so good putting away only the things I will really use!

I also put the things into bins by the rooms in which I use them.  That way next year I can pick up the bin for the kitchen and living room and head there with the decor, without having to go from room to room!


You may need to ask yourself what area feels cluttered and work on that space first.  Get rid of things by donating and do it quickly!  The longer it hangs around, the more likely you are to let it become another cluttered pile!  Is it a closet?  A drawer?  A desktop or counter?  Do one space at a time and find the freedom that comes from un-cluttering that space!

Strategy #3 – Make lists – I know there are people out there who don’t make lists, but if I don’t have lists of

  • Today’s agenda – and things that I need to work on
  • Shopping lists
  • Menu

I’d forget so much!  I keep a pad by my bed, at the kitchen counter and at my desk.  If things come to my mind, I jot it down before it’s gone from my memory!

Look at this deal I got on my new planner for 2017…

It has pocket dividers as well as tabs.  Love that!  Nothing like having a brand new planner to fill in!  This will keep me organized!

What do you do to simplify your life and help you feel able to breathe?


Go simplify your life!  =)

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