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Floured hands are not the best way to answer a cell phone.  Ask me how I know!
One day my cell phone was ringing, and not knowing who it was, I ran to answer it, flinging pie dough into the bowl and the counter, and also leaving a trail of flour with every step I took.  It was a telemarketer (how do they find me even after I register my number on the “Do not annoy call” list?).  Grrr.

It was then that I started using a different notification and ringtone for each group of people in my life so I could determine, just by the sound, if this was a call that really needed my immediate attention.

My husband’s notification has an ukulele song.  My daughters have a harmonica (they know why!).  My parents and sisters have a nostalgic kind of song. My close friends have a catchy little ditty.  Everyone else gets a standard ring.  Now when I’m driving down the Interstate at 70 MPH, I know who is calling just by the sound, and I know whether this is an urgent call that is worth digging sideways into my purse to find my phone!  It’s all by the recognition of the notification that I know who’s prompting me to answer!

The Lord used that simple irritation and example to show me that I was not recognizing the Holy Spirit’s promptings in my heart throughout the day.  Oh, I start off right – I get up and have my Bible study and prayer time and give myself and my day to the Lord first thing and I hear from Him then.  But after I finish, I get going on my schedule and it seems the later it gets in the day, the less sensitive I am to the Spirit’s prompting and directing my heart and my life.  Pretty soon, I’m not aware of His conviction, His leading, or His speaking to my heart because I’ve tuned out the recognition of His Spirit.

But what if I stayed sensitive to His promptings all day, just like those notifications on my phone?  What if I was aware and recognized His nudging to witness, His conviction of sin, His warning to not speak that word of criticism?  I could “pick up that call” and be directed so that I might avoid the sin, or share the Gospel with a person who is lost.

I want to recognize God’s Spirit in my life greater than I want to know when I’m getting a really important phone call.  I’m asking Him to help me to be sensitive to His whisper and nudging in my heart, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  It’s even sweeter than that loving text from my husband, and I think you know how much I like those!

Are you recognizing the Spirit’s nudging notifications in your life today?


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4 thoughts on “I Recognize That!

  1. Hi Cindy,
    I sure look forward to your post each week. I’ve shared your blog with many friends and my daughters. I appreciate the simplicity you show in your life and love for the Lord! Our churches need more leaders like you!!! You are so real and transparent and such an encouragement to my ❤️!! Thank you!
    I met you last year at a ladies retreat at the Wilds. Sure enjoyed each of your sessions​. I was wondering if I were to plan a ladies retreat in the Spring or fall of next year, would you consider coming to be our speaker. It would be Thursday thru Saturday morning. I live in Yorktown VA and my husband is Associate Pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church. This church has never had a ladies retreat to my knowledge and I keep hearing they are interested in having one, so I’m praying about it and am going to ask our Pastor if he thinks it is a good idea. If he says yes, I would love to have you come? I know you are busy at your ministry also but if it’s the Lord’s will, I’m sure we can work it all out:-). I look forward to hearing from you. May the Lord blessings be yours!!
    In Christ’s love,
    Tammy Monteith
    PS. 40:1-3


    1. Hello Tammy, You are so sweet; thank you for reading my blog, and for your encouragement! I’m glad we got to meet last year at The Wilds (I’m headed there this weekend for the Ladies’ retreat! You?)! I praise the Lord the sessions were a blessing to you. God always does such a work in my own heart before I ever get to a retreat…and I need it!!
      You’re so kind to desire that I come and participate in your church retreat. I’d be honored to come, if the Lord would provide the time when I’m free, etc. Could you please send me an email, using my blog email address –
      That way we can discuss it a little easier than here.
      I’ll look forward ot hearing from you!


  2. Oh no, Denise, I called you Cindy!!! I had a friend of mine named Cindy on my heart when I sent the message to you. Please forgive me:-}


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