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The One Thing You Can Change

If you could change one thing about your life right now what would it be?  If you could change that, do you think it would really alter your life?  Would it make everything better?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Recently I was out and I saw a quote hung on the wall of the establishment.  The truth of it struck a chord in my heart.  I know it will encourage someone today as it did me then and as it does every time I remind myself of its message.  There is only one thing that we’re all really in charge of and able to change.  What is it?  Read on:


Now think back to that thing you would change if you could.  What about if you simply changed your attitude about that instead? That alone could make the difference you’re really desiring.

Today try to be intentional about what kind of attitude you have, and ask the Lord to show you if you need to make a change. Only you are in charge of that!

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6 thoughts on “The One Thing You Can Change

  1. This quote struck a chord with me a long time ago. So much so that I have it hanging on the wall inside my office (directly in front of my desk where I will see it) and on the bulletin board outside my office where I see it each time I walk up to my office and where students can also see it. I’ve even had students comment on it. I think I need to stop and read it more often!! Thanks for the reminder of this one thing that I CAN control!


    1. It’s so good, isn’t it? In your field I’m sure it’s really essential to get that message across! You probably saw this posted where I did since we both frequent this spot!😊


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