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Fried Green Tomatoes

img_5725I recently had the blessing of visiting my parents in Kentucky for several days.  Aside from sweet times of chatting and visiting, we also had some great meals, as is always true when I visit them in their home! My mom is a great cook, and is frequently trying new recipes.

The beauties above are Fried Green Tomatoes that she made as a side dish for dinner one night.  Oh my goodness!  These are the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried them at different restaurants as we’ve traveled.  The secret is that there is a little sweetness in the breading that comes with the addition of some brown sugar!

These were just too good not to share with you! I realize we’re coming towards the end of tomato harvest in my area, but sometimes there are tomatoes on the vine that won’t ripen now.  Grab those green guys off the vine and make this recipe before the summer ends!  You’ll be glad you didn’t let them ripen; trust me!


I just love being with my parents in their home.  The setting is lovely, quiet, and filled with all the things that touch my heart as their daughter because its reminiscent of my years at home. We ate all our meals in their sun room that overlooks their beautiful backyard filled with a pergola, hammock, flowering vines, herbs, bushes, stained glass stepping stones and trees. Being there with them is the essence of Going Home.

Maybe that’s what made those tomatoes especially delicious, but at any rate, you really need to try thesm.  I’m going to share the recipe  as she has it – clipped from a magazine.  I wish I knew which magazine it was from, but I’m not positive. It looks like a Taste of Home recipe.  It just might be.


See the “Very Good” note on the recipe?  I do the same thing if we really love something I’ve tried.  I might write, “Dale loved this!” or “Best ever!” so I’ll remember the next time I’m flipping through a cookbook or my recipe files.

Do you write on your recipes/cookbooks?  Do you have special memories from home that involve food?

With love from my mom’s Kentucky kitchen,

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5 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes

    1. You have a keen eye! You’re right – my parents are such a blessing to me in both their lives and their home. They always inspire me when I’m with them! Oh, and that recipe….wow!


  1. I always love reading your posts about visiting your parents. What precious people they must be. You are so blessed — but I know you know that!

    Couldn’t resist looking that recipe up on the Taste of Home site; they usually say what magazine recipes were originally published in. So this one originally came from Reminisce magazine, September/October 1992. Now you know!

    If anyone offers me any green tomatoes, I know what I’ll do with them!


    1. Oh, thank you for looking that up for me! I’ll give credit where credit is due!
      Yes, I am incredibly blessed by my parents and I thank the Lord for each visit we have, and though it’s not as often as I’d like, I soak up every minute when I’m there!
      I see you’re attending the Ladies’ Retreat at TWNE! I”m excited about seeing the camp up there after hearing so many wonderful things about it! Also, I can’t wait for meet you! I’m praying much for you and every lady who will be attending!


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