Five Things Friday

Today I’m going to copy Whitney and highlight five favorite points of our recent trip.  This is really hard to narrow down, but here it goes!

#1. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I got to spend the past week in New England.  I had the blessing of speaking at the Fall Ladies’ Retreat at The Wilds of New England. I had never been to the New England camp, and I was so excited to see for my eyes the wonderful things I’d only heard about!  It did not disappoint!  The camp site is beautiful.  The people up there were so welcoming and open to hear the Word of God.  The buildings are perfect for the area, with that Colonial flair.  The spirit of The Wilds is always a blessing. The theme verse is I Corinthians 10:31 –

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Everything they do reflects that verse.  From the music, to the teaching, the meals, the property – it all glorifies the Lord.  So, that being said, it’s an awesome privilege to serve on the board there and then to also have the blessing of  sharing God’s Word with women there!  We studied the Book of Ruth and four sessions to study.  The ladies were so teachable and gracious to this lowly servant! This was truly the highlight of the trip – to see the Word of God impact women’s lives!  I pray they are still reviewing what God said to them and obeying any command or directive He gave. It had to first change my heart this past year as God instructed and shaped me!  I’m so thankful that God speaks through His Word!


#2 My sweet husband planned some really fun things for our days before and after the retreat!  I had the blessing of visiting King Arthur Flour !  I follow them on Instagram and I have made many of their wonderful recipes.  It was so much fun to see their company, watch some demos going on, visit their store and eat in their bakery and cafe!  This Chocolate Croissant was so delicious!!  I was so happy to find bakery bags for my Sour Dough Bread Loaves!  I know I can order them online, but maybe when I run out I can make a return trip…and have another croissant!!


#3. Visiting the coast in Maine was like a dream come true!  Its rocky shoreline, beautiful homes, and stunning views made this one of my favorite memories of our trip.  The Lord gave us beautiful weather the whole time we were gone, and we had the perfect day to make this journey.


This was the view from an the Episcopal Church In Kennebunkport, Maine, pictured below.


#4.  Northfield, Massachusetts is the birthplace of D.L. Moody.  Visiting his home, seeing his grave and also the school that he began in the 1800’s was such a blessing.  As my husband and I and our two hosts stood at his grave, my husband led in prayer that each of us would stay the course God has for us and end well.  That kind of godly history is such a blessing to remember, and to replicate!


#5. We saw so many lakes and streams on this trip.  The  Pillsbury State Park had a beautiful setting with the lake all around it.  It was so quiet and serene!


There are many more special memories – like the two friends who flew from Tennessee to attend the conference with me!  I could name the many ladies I met who have enriched my life, and whose names are now in my prayer journal.  I could tell you of the staff at The Wilds who served and blessed me and my husband over and over again!  My heart is just full and so very thankful!

If you attended the Ladies’ retreat and are reading this post, would you leave a comment so I know you stopped by?
If you’ve visited New England tell me what your favorite place is!

I pray you’ll refresh your heart in fellowship with a Bible preaching church this weekend!  We aren’t meant to be Lone Rangers!


4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I’m glad you had such a great trip! And what a blessing the retreat was; it was wonderful to be there and to be encouraged and challenged by all you shared from the Word.


  2. A young man from our church served as a counselor there this summer, and sent weekly updates of how God was using him and teaching him. Would love to get there myself some day. Thank you for the reminder to finish well. Been struggling recently with many things, and that phrase was an encouragement!!


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