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Go to the Extra Trouble

Who hasn’t tasted a Pop Tart at some time in their life?  It’s a breakfast staple for many college students (bless their hearts!).  My husband remembers during his college days, he would put his Pop Tart on top of his study lamp while he was in the shower, and then come back 10 minutes later to his “hot breakfast!”

While looking at King Arthur’s web site recently, I came across their recipe for Tasty Toaster Tarts – their version of homemade Pop Tarts!  So, while in my experimenting mode, I went to the kitchen and made a batch.  Hello!!!!  These are so good!  I am not a fan of the store-bought version, but I think I could eat these for every meal!  I made the Brown Sugar/Cinnamon recipe.  Are you ready for a look at the result?

Come in a little closer for a peek at the inside filling…

If you’re interested in trying these pastries, go here for the recipe.  Let me tell you this – I used half the amount of butter, and then I doubled the amount of milk.  The dough was still flaky and delicious!  What did my husband think about these?

“These are better than Pop Tarts any day!”

Now, you may be sitting there saying, “Denise, why would you go to all the extra trouble to make something at home that you could just buy in the store?  Why?  Because they turn something that’s “okay” to “fantastic!” 

This reminds me of the effort it takes to turn an “okay” marriage into a “fantastic” one.  It just takes a little more effort.  It means going out of your way to do something each day that will bump up your marriage from the Pop Tart level to the “made-from-scratch” level!  Need some ideas of what to do for your husband?

  • Text him a personal love note – not tacked onto the “buy milk on your way home.”  Make it just a sweet and thoughtful note.
  • Buy him some little something when you go to the grocery store.  Maybe his favorite snack or special treat.
  • Buy a card and leave it for him to find in his car.
  • Call and invite him to join you for a picnic lunch on one of these pretty spring days.
  • Wash his car for him.
  • Make a list of things you can say, “thank you” for:
    • Thank you for working hard to provide for our family
    • Thank you for making me laugh
    • Thank you for your godly leadership of our children
    • Thank you for taking care of yourself to stay healthy
  • Make some of these Toaster Tarts and leave a sweet note beside them!
Go to the extra trouble and make what’s good even better!

With love,

7 thoughts on “Go to the Extra Trouble

  1. Denise, you are such an inspiration.

    Home-baked breads, meals, etc. are so much more healthy without the preservatives, too.

    Am going to buy some King Arthur flour today and start some baking.

    Hmmm I know there's a pen and paper around here somewhere… 😀


  2. Yes, Whitney. I was thinking today that ANYONE can have pop tarts, but not everyone can have something homemade. ANYONE can get married, but not everyone works at it to make it what the Lord intended it to be!

    Debby, Thanks for your kind words. I hope to inspire you! Tell me what you made!


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