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Freshen Up Friday

It’s hard to believe, but school is starting for many children in the next few days. Oh, where or where did the summer go? To ease the distress in your child’s heart about the end of summer and perhaps ease the anxiety, how about some good ideas to get off to a good start and freshen up your first day of school?

  • Bake up something special for the First Day of School breakfast! How about homemade Pop Tarts? These are extraordinary and will be lots tastier than any boxed convenience!
  • Take your child shopping for a new notebook, pencils/pens and erasers. Even homeschoolers would enjoy a lunchbox. Buy one that’s thermal for those times you’re on the road to lessons or co-op classes.
  • Plan for special lunches – not expensive Lunchables, but how about these adorable Muffin Tin lunches?
  • Make out a morning schedule and talk with your children about it. Be excited about getting off to a good start with a plan that will help everyone to start the day on time. Here’s an idea to help you get started.
  • How about a new pair of shorts or a special shirt or dress for the first day of school? Nothing like looking your best to help your child work well!
  • Take First Day of School photos before school. Make it an annual event!
Freshen up the First Day of School jitters and dreads by adding one or more of these elements to your child’s day!

Another thought would be to choose a theme for this school year; perhaps Servanthood or Compassion. Focus on that all year. Memorize a theme verse on that theme. Learn the biblical definition of the word. Sing songs, read passages in the Bible and stories of others that exemplified that character trait. Make this a year of spiritual growth in the lives of your children!

What special idea do you implement to help the First Day of School go well? I’d love to hear!

See you in church Sunday! Let’s be even more faithful to our local church than we are to getting our kids to school!

Be refreshed,

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