Christian Life

Let Them See The Light!

As I was studying my Sunday school lesson this week, a memory popped into my mind. It was that of our laundry room that was in the house we lived in when I was a teenager. It was a basement laundry room, and there were no windows in it. It was dark. Very, very dark. I remember not even being able to see my hand in front of me when someone (honestly can’t remember who) turned the light out on me. Even as a teenager, it was creepy! I inched my way toward where I thought the door was and found the light switch and turned it on. The darkness was gone. Did the light change the room itself? No, but thankfully, it made the darkness disappear!

The illustration in our lesson reminded us that the light doesn’t change the room; it simply dispels the darkness. It makes the darkness disappear. In a much greater way, when Christ lives His life in us, the darkness of our sin nature is gone and Christ is seen instead. Oh, how I long for that to be true in my life!

  • I want the dark, ugly nature to be replaced by Christ’s love.
  • I want His kindness to cover my indifference.
  • I desire His gentleness to outshine my impatience.

How does that happen? It takes place when I yield myself to Him. I must ask for His Spirit to fill and control me. I must obey His Word instead of the pull of my flesh.

I wonder how dark we look to the world around us? Or is it obvious that Christ dwells within us because that Old nature is dispelled by the Light of the world? Oh, may it be so!

How have you seen Christ’s light in others?

With love,

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