Spring Prep Bucket List

spring prep.jpg

Even if it doesn’t feel like spring where you live, the season is officially here. Shout hallelujah!  This is truly my favorite season.  Everything is coming to life again and that makes me so happy!

Here are a few things –  “bucket ideas,” if you will, of things I’d encourage you to do right now to get ready for spring to arrive in your area:

  • Layer up!  Get together some outfits that you can layer together.  I talk about this in the fall and spring, but it’s essential during the transitioning temps of the seasons.  You don’t have to wear your woolly winters just to stay comfortable.  Here are a few pictures of things I’ve worn this spring ~

spring wardrobe 2spring wardrobespring wardrobe 3

  • Grow up!  Not you, the plants!  Put some pansies out in boxes or containers. These are temperature hardy, so in most places you won’t have to worry that they’ll get frost-bitten. It’s such a welcomed sight to see something green and growing around the outside of your home!pansies
  • Freshen up!  Paint your front door – Add a pop of color to your house by painting your front door a contrasting color.  While you’re waiting to put out the patio furniture and cushions, this is something you can do to add a spark of interest to the curb appeal of your house.
    front door 1
  • Craft up!  Create a spring wreath.  I saw these at Dollywood recently and got inspired to look for the components to make a similar one!  Silk flowers are on sale everywhere, so it would be much less expensive to make it now!
    spring wreath 2spring wreath 3spring wreath 1


  • Spruce up! Clean up the brush and leaves from around the landscaping in your yard.  You’ll be all ready to add those annuals after Mother’s Day!front yard 2
  • Read up!  Prepare your heart for Easter by reading from Scriptures the events that took place before the crucifixion of Christ.  Read slowly and meditatively.  Journal about His suffering for your sins on the cross.

We wait all the long winter for spring to come.  Enjoy it’s slow journey to your front door! Look Up!  Spring’s on it’s way!

denise a

6 thoughts on “Spring Prep Bucket List

  1. Denise,

    You are always so classy and pulled together. I love every outfit!

    Spring has finally arrived here too, the daffodils are blooming, and everything’s starting to green up. I’m so ready. I can’t wait to see the wreath you make, please share.


  2. I second what Laura said. You always look so pretty, Denise. Such a darling little figure. I am not surprised you and Wendy are blog twins again today…this has happened many times before. You are two peas in a pod.


    1. Thank you, Debbi, that’s very sweet. My motivation for dressing is my husband! Also, I feel more energetic and productive when I “fix up” a bit each day. 😊


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