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Packing Tips You Need For Vacation


For many people summertime means travel, travel means packing and packing means stress! It’s stressful because it’s hard to fit everything in, then when you get to where you’re going, you can’t find items easily, which means tearing your suitcase apart to find it!!

I’m here today to take the stress out of your packing so you can enjoy every part of the vacation process!!

1.  Packing Cubes –My husband gifted me with a set of Packing Cubes this year – a whole new thing to me!  Are you familiar with them? They have a mesh front, a zipper, and a handle so you can place items inside, lay the cubes in and pull them out easily. These are a game-changer!!  My three cubes are about 17″, 12″ and 8″ in width.  They’re several inches thick.


I’ve found the best way to use them is to roll the items up tightly and place inside.  I like to put like things in each one – tops in one, bottoms in another, and underclothes and swimsuit in the other.  packing2.jpg

2.  Shoe Bags – In the picture above you can see the cloth shoe bag on the right.  I place some shoes inside there so they don’t touch my clothes.  Other large suitcases have shoe slots in the lid, so I use those as well.  This keeps dirty shoes off your clothes and also easy to find in the suitcase!
Another great item to use as a packing cube or a shoe bag are the plastic bags things like pillow cases or blankets come in. They’re clear so you can see inside, and they zip up and keep things together!!

3.  Rolling Cosmetic Bag – This is my best tip!! I got this bag at TJ Maxx about three years or so ago.


I absolutely love it and can’t recommend it highly enough!  Even for an over night get-away, this bag keeps everything so organized it’s almost impossible to lose something.  Look at the organization inside!


I keep the essentials in this bag at all times – toothbrush, contact solution, hair clasps and headband, wellness items – bandaids, medicines, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sewing kit, contact case and solution, a magnifying mirror and a small plug-in nightlight.  Then all I have to add is the daily items – makeup and hair dryer and curling iron and I’m set to go!

There are also zippered compartments on the outside for a water bottle and a magazine!  It’s a great carry-on bag when you’re flying!  It’s the perfect size, too.  I don’t know what it’s called, but the brand is Nicole Miller New York.

On my recent trip, I was gone for almost two weeks and I stayed so organized, as opposed to my normal messy suitcase! Yay!!!

I trust these tips will help you to stay stress-free on your next journey!

Do you stress over packing?  Have you used packing cubes before?

Share any tips that have helped you not to stress at packing time!

Refresh your journey prep!

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2 thoughts on “Packing Tips You Need For Vacation

  1. Packing is (almost) the worst part of traveling. Airport security takes the cake!! But I love that rolling cosmetic bag. I’m going to look for one of those!!


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