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A Fresh Love Letter

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I walked down to the mailbox, opened the lid and pulled out the two envelopes the postman had left. The return address in the corner of each envelope told me it was “same ol’, same ol'”.  Junk mail.  Ugh.

I walked back up to the porch, threw the non-impressive mail onto the step and picked up my waiting broom.  I swept the porch while the white envelopes lay discarded, unopened and unread.

As I swept, I thought back to a message I had listened to earlier in the day.  The preacher was urging his listeners to be students of God’s Word.  He pleaded that they read for more than an obligatory duty, but in order to hear the Living Word speak to them and change them.

As I looked at my now discarded mail, I thought of how often I can treat God’s Word like that. “I’ve heard that before.  Same ol’, same ol’,” if you will.  Had those envelopes been letter from loved ones with personal words, I would have been reading its content before I reached my front porch!

If I understood that God’s Word is a personal Word from my loving Heavenly Father,

  • I wouldn’t approach it with yawns, but with anticipation.
  • I wouldn’t allow hours to pass before I thought about what I’d read earlier in the day.
  • I would have those words on my lips to share with others.
  • I would spend more time in His Word than I do on Facebook, Instagram or Netflix.
  • It would be part of my thought process all day and what guides each decision I make.


Have you read…really read God’s Word today?  Was it a precious, personal letter from God to you?  If you’ve treated it like the junk mail that fills your mailbox, ask God to give you a fresh, new love for the His love letter.

Then open it and read it.

Listen to His voice.

Obey when He speaks.

Refresh your life today with the Living Word of God.

denise a

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