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New York City’s Reminder


My husband and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York City.  We went with another couple for a very quick weekend visit. We buzzed up on Friday, arriving just before dark so that we might “avoid the busy traffic.”  This was the scene at the Holland Tunnel ~


I will never complain about the back-up in my little town again!


I couldn’t get over the craziness, the noise, the hustle and bustle of this city. Nor could I dismiss the ache as I heard and saw things that reminded me that this city so desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So many need to be freed from the bondage of sin that enslaves them as they seek for something  to fill the void in their lives.

As I stood in my hotel room looking down on the city streets and heard the cars, the people and the echoing of the noise I’d heard on the subway and in the tourist spots, I prayed for this city.  I prayed for the churches and the believers there that are seeking to give the hope of Jesus Christ to the thousands that call this place home.

Then I came back to East Tennessee and today I’m sitting on the back porch and around me I hear:

  • A pick-up truck’s rusty engine passing by.
  • A chainsaw working its teeth on acreage near us.
  • Cars off in the distance on their way to “town”.

Being in NYC reminded me that though these are different than the noises of the Big City, these are all sounds that belong to people – people who also need the Gospel. I don’t live in a big city like New York, where the sin and needs are so rampant,  but God has called me here, and the purpose is as great and needy as in NYC.  I must be carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone my life touches.  People

  • At the grocery store
  • At the little town parade this weekend
  • At the Farmer’s market
  • Around the corner from my home
  • In the tiny library I frequent

Where do you live?  If you know Christ as your Savior, are you being faithful to be an Ambassador  to share the news of hope and freedom that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus?  Our world is hurting and desperate, friends.  Let’s spread the Gospel and the news that Christ came to save sinners!

If you’re one who is empty and seeking for peace and fulfillment, it can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He died for you because He loves you.  It’s up to you to receive His gift of eternal life.  Simply talk to Him and ask Him to save you.  Tell Him that you believe that He died  on the cross and rose again and that you are putting your faith in Him now.  Turn away from your sin and turn to Christ. John 10:28 says “I give them eternal life and they shall never perish; neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” You will belong to Christ forever after accepting Him as your Savior.  What joy there is in Him!

I’m thankful to be back home in my own mission field! Are you busy in yours?

denise a



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