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Summertime Blessings

One day this week I found myself sitting barefoot on the front porch beside one of my grandsons.  We were “painting” on the pavement with sponge brushes and a bowl of water.  Seated under the shade of the porch’s covering, we were enjoying the beauty of the summer day.  The countryside was quiet and we were in our own little happy world.  I looked down on him and said, “(His name), this is what summer days are all about!”

Like a lemon on a juicer, I’m squeezing every bit of summertime out of each day! I’m

  • Sitting on the porch swing every chance I get
  • Enjoying my homemade iced coffees
  • Loving my warm, beautiful morning walks
  • Driving the country roads with my windows down whenever possible
  • Eating supper on the back porch every day

Here are a few other highlights from my summer days this week:

  1. We are using the grill nearly every day! These Turkey burgers were sooo good! I love these slider buns I find at Kroger. Have you tried them?  It makes the perfect size burger for me!


In this past week we’ve also grilled Chicken Kabobs, Steaks, Pizzas, and Pork Chops!  The grill just makes everything taste better, plus it keeps the kitchen from getting hot!

2. Our porches. I learned a trick from my Alli this week!  Magic Eraser will clean up the mess birds make on porch furniture! I had done everything I could to try to clean my rockers!  When I used the Magic Eraser, it went from nasty to inviting! Now I can enjoy rocking to my heart’s content!

3. Bible Club – When my grandsons were born, my little neighbor girl, who had been coming to my house for Bible club for several years, said, “Soon you’ll be having your grandsons over for Bible club.”  I smiled at her vision of the future, yet it seemed so far away.  Wow!  It’s time and it’s a joy to my heart!  I have one over at a time so I can give them my undivided attention. They’re not quite three, so I keep it very simple, but here’s a sampling of what we did this week.

The lesson was God is Good.

God gives us clothes to wear.  God is good.


God gives us food to eat.  God is good.


God gives us water.  God is good.

BiBle Club1

This painting with water outside on the pavement is the perfect activity on a hot day!  There’s no mess and if you get wet, it’s a happy accident!!

I hope this inspires you to refresh the last part of your summer.  Make the most of all the fun things available in this wonderful season!

What are you doing that’s making the most of summertime? Maybe staying inside where it’s cool?! =)

denise a

4 thoughts on “Summertime Blessings

  1. Happy Summer, my friend. I wish I could come and sit a spell with you on your swing. Or come to Bible Club and paint with water on the concrete.

    This seems to be a working summer for us at our house. Lots of chores going on around here. We have been grilling out a lot. My favorite thing to do is take a nap on my porch swing and sit it there in the evenings and read.

    Yes, it is nice to take only one grandchild at a time. It is fun to shower the one with all of your love attention.


  2. Wonderful summer activities. I value one on one time my grands, but with seven it is hard to make that happen. Our students return to school tomorrow, so summer is truly over here. Say pray for a great school year.


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