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An Early Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving for my family!

We are having an early celebration and our big meal is today at 1:00.  The reason is that my precious mom is having major surgery the day before the official holiday and I will be there to help care for my parent’s needs. I’m so thankful I can go be with them. Who  says you have to celebrate on the official Thanksgiving day?  My girls were more than happy to celebrate a couple weeks early to ensure that we are able to get together as a family.

I am the one hosting everyone, so I’ve been busy getting things prepped for our day of feasting and giving thanks.  I thought I’d give you a peek into the things that have been done ahead of time, so the day itself will be a breeze (well, sort of!).

A week ago…

  • I made my Butterhorns and put them in the freezer. They will just have to rise a few hours today before being baked! It makes having homemade rolls so easy, and these are DELICIOUS!
  • I made pie crusts and froze them.
  • Linens tablecloth and napkins were ironed.  The tablecloth and runner were then placed on the dining room table.
  • I put the centerpiece together, except for the fresh flowers I added last night.
  • The guest room got clean sheets added.  The room was dusted and prepped for Whitney and Paul.

This week…

  • I made these yummy ice cream cones that will be filled with Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream later in the day!  This is a new tradition I started about four years ago.  I know, who needs another dessert, right?  But Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream is so short-lived, it needs to be celebrated!! I dipped the cones in chocolate, then some got sprinkles, some got peanuts, and some Heath bits!  I stored the cones in a Ziploc bag and placed them in the freezer.
  • I filled a Ziploc bag with ice and put it in the big freezer so we’d have plenty of ice for all day.
  • I mopped and dusted the house.
  • I set out the turkey platter and made sure other serving pieces were clean and ready for the table.
  • The kitchen got a good cleaning, as did the bathrooms.
  • I cleaned out the fridge to make room for all the food, and also to make room for the yummy leftovers. I also set the turkey in there to thaw. (And yes, we have LOTS of cream!  You have to buy it up when it’s on sale for $2!)


Working a little at a time ahead of time sure eases the pressures of any holiday!  Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving, or helping someone else, I hope these tips of my own preparations will help you at your house to be ready to give thanks – no matter what day you celebrate!

Next week I’ll give you my “Day Before” run-down, full of pictures of today’s happy occasion!

Anyone else celebrating on a different day than the official holiday? What is your favorite ahead of time preparation?

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10 thoughts on “An Early Thanksgiving

  1. My husband is having surgery the day before Thanksgiving too! At first we were dismayed at the timing, but then realized we can have our celebration anytime. We have chosen to have ours a couple days afterwards, when one of our children and his family can be here and so that my hubby will be home from the hospital. It’s a good reminder that we are to be thankful every day!


    1. So true, Kathi. My mom’s whole physical needs have really sharpened my thankfulness for the little events in every day life. How nice that your family can celebrate a couple days late!
      I’m praying for your husband’s surgery!


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