Let Others Be Glad When They See Me!

I am very much a visual learner. To really understand something it helps me to see an illustration. The Lord so often teaches me His Word by giving me a visual aid. I clearly remember one illustration the Lord gave me in a hospital room.

My husband and I went to see a dear friend and church member who had been hospitalized again. She had been battling an illness for months and it landed her in the hospital several times. When we got to her room, it was obvious that she was completely worn out from her sickness. Her breathing was difficult, being interrupted by a deep and debilitating cough. We slipped in to leave flowers and have prayer with her, asking her not to try to speak. However, even though it was somewhat difficult, she told us of God’s sustaining grace during this difficult time. She told us of answered prayers that she’s seen while ill and of the Word of God that has come to her mind in the late night watches that she thought she’d forgotten. She also shared the desire to hide more of God’s Word in her heart for times such as these. It was hard to see her like this, yet she was a blessing to my heart.

The blessing came as I stood by her bedside and was reminded of the psalm that I had prayed earlier in the day. It was Psalm 119:74 –

They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word.

I did indeed have reason to be glad because I saw her hope (confidence) in God’s Word! How beautifully was she illustrating this truth before my eyes!

When you and I go through hard times in the future, whether it’s illness, the death of a loved one, or some other trial, will we make others that love the Lord glad when they see us because they see we are trusting in God’s Word? Or will they instead be grieved because we’re falling apart? There’s only one way to really be able to answer that question positively, and that is by preparing now for those hard times. How do we do that? By studying, meditating, and memorizing God’s Word. We may be in a situation where we can’t pick up the Bible and read it. Do we have enough tucked away in our hearts to sustain us?

I was also recently reminded by Whitney that we should also make other people glad when they see us through means of our social media posts. Are we always complaining? Are we full of fear? Is our life only revealing negativity because we aren’t truly clinging to the hope we have in Christ and His Word? I’m guilty.

Psalm 119:74 is such a good reminder to ask the Lord to help us make other people glad that they bumped into us today!

I was so glad I got to see my friend trusting her God, spite the difficulty. Will others get a visual picture of Psalm 119:74 and be glad when they see you today??

Let’s refresh others by our strong confidence in our great God!

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