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Food Inspiration From Great Restaurants

We have been on vacation this past week and we ate breakfast and lunch in our condo, then enjoyed eating our main meal out each day. I love trying new food options – things I don’t normally make at home. New food and flavor combinations stretch my taste buds and my culinary skills, so I’m always looking out for something a little different on the menu.

Because we were on the coast, we had seafood every day! We also had some other fare that was just delicious! I”ll share a few of the new flavor combinations I loved.

We love a good biscuit and when we learned about a place called Handy and Hot in Charleston and saw their menu, we knew it was our breakfast destination on or trip home. We were not disappointed! We tried two biscuits – Country Ham with apple preserves and white Cheddar and Strawberry jam and Mascarpone. Both were SOOOO good! Those are flavors I will definitely try at home!

The restaurant was so cute and also offered a nice outdoor seating area – always our choice!

These Shrimp Tacos at Roxbury Mercantile were so good I had them twice during the week! The shrimp was fried and then drizzled with honey and a spicy mayo. I”m going to make this and try it with grilled shrimp to make it a little healthier. Again, the flavor combinations were delicious!

There was also a cole slaw at another place with dill pickles chopped up very fine. It wasn’t overpowering, it just added a nice, different flavor.

We had a terrific vacation and ate wonderful meals, but I can say I’m anxious to get into my kitchen this week and try to recreate some of the flavors that were so good! I love to find inspiration that I can make at home!

Where do you find inspiration for your new recipes? What flavor combinations have you enjoyed that were a little different?

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