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A Plan for Unfinished Tasks

I have a problem…I am one of those people who starts a project and then leaves it half done. Ugh. I hate this about myself, and I have talked to the Lord about it in this first week of our new year. With His help, I’m determined to complete some of these tasks and get them checked off my list. Here’s how I’ve planned to be successful ~

I designated each day of the week for a particular category.

  • Me & You Day Monday – My husband usually takes Monday off, so we try to have a date or spend the day together.
  • Task Tuesday (also Twin Tuesday) This is my day I’ll work on my incomplete projects and schedule times with my grandsons. To give you an idea of some of my tasks I want to work on, I will be sewing, scrapbooking and quilting!
  • Write Wednesday – I’ve been working on a writing project that also needs to be completed. I’ve tried lots of different methods to find time to write. I’m praying that spending one day a week on it will help me get the job finished!
  • Thoughtfulness Thursday – – Baking for others, making a meal for a needy friend, discipleship, or sending out cards will happen on Thursday.
  • Friends Friday Meeting a friend for lunch or going for coffee will happen on Friday’s.
  • Sabbath Saturday – Everyone needs a day to sleep in and take break. Saturday is my day to do just that!
  • I don’t schedule Sunday because it’s the Lord’s day and we spend it at church and enjoying fellowship with friends.

I don’t really schedule cleaning my house. (You can read here about my daily routines.) These regular habits keep the house clean and tidy and it’s simply a normal part of each day. I pray that designating each day of the week to a particular theme will get me in the same kind of rhythm!

I’m happy to say that I have made progress this week! I am making closet organizers for Whitney’s family and I had them all cut out, but not sewn. One got finished and the other two are pinned, ironed and ready to be sewn together!

A completed Closet organizer!

What projects do you have that need to be finished? Would designating one day a week help motivate you to work on it and get it done?

Refresh your undone projects by making a plan that will get them checked off your list!

7 thoughts on “A Plan for Unfinished Tasks

  1. That’s a great idea to devote a day each week to certain projects! I’m not a procrastinator generally, but there’s always something I’d “like” to do but push off for other things which seem to always take priority! Good luck with your goals!


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