Beginning the School Year Well

Most schools in our area start their fall semester this week. I won’t go on my rant about how short the children’s summer is when they start so soon, or how much better it is to wait until after Labor day, but will choose instead to offer some encouragement for both the moms and the children as the new year of education is in front of you!

I thought I’d share some great ideas I’ve found while perusing the Internet. Sharpen your pencils and sit up straight – these are some cute ideas!

  • I think it’s so important to connect with you child at their lunch break by fixing a great lunch for them, and/or tucking a note inside to encourage them in the middle of their day. The Huffington post had this smart idea to paint the inside lid of their lunch box with chalkboard paint so you can leave a note for them! Love this!

    chalk board lunch box...  This isn't my photo, but my son Jack LOVED Thomas when he was little
    Photo by
  • Here’s a yummy looking “sandwich” that will have all the kids wishing that was their lunch!

    bananadog. wish I would have known about this when she was three or four. Would have make life a lot easier.
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  • Another take on PB&J

    Photo by Welch’s
  • Google “Creative children’s lunches” and you’ll get cute ideas like these:
    Fun back to school lunches Azure Standard natural and organic ingredients would be amazing in this recipe! Contact us at today 785-380-0034 if you are interested in having high quality affordable organics delivered to your area.
  • If you have an older daughter who is learning to sew, you could make this fun bag together for her pens, or even for an emergency kit for her backpack. Or Mom could sew and she could do the embroidery!
  • Make the effort to spend one-on-one time with your children to remind them they are never alone at school. Perhaps a Gospel Wordless book bracelet would remind them that the Lord Jesus is with them, and will also remind them to be a witness to their friends at school.
    A simple version for an elementary child is here.
    Here’s a version for older girls that you could make or buy.
    Christian Wordless Bracelet
  • Spend time praying with your child before the new year begins.
    Pray for:

    • Their teachers to be a right influence
    • Them to have friends that will help them to stand for what is right
    • Your child to have courage to stand for biblical truths
    • Your child to be a testimony and witness to the lost students
    • Your child’s protection
  • Also pray with your child every morning before they leave.

Even if you’re a homeschooling mom, you can also make lunch a special time to rest from their studies and provide some “down time” with outside activities after they eat. You have the advantage of correcting attitudes right on the spot, but be sure to start each day praying for your child’s day to be Christ honoring and productive.

Remind your students that every subject has value; even Algebra is profitable! Why? (My girls know where this is going! They heard it many times in our home!) Because God says so:

In all labor there is profit. Proverbs 14:23a

Here’s to a great school year!