New Life for an Old Magnet!


I recently received an agenda for an establishment that was printed on a large, flat magnetic sheet.  Something like this:

It measured 5″ x 7″.  I really had no use for it, but the magnetic sheet was a good, sturdy quality, so I tried to think of a way I could re-purpose it.  Then it came to me…A Menu Board! Suddenly my old magnet was given a whole new life!

 It took me all of about ten minutes to make this.

menu board

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Cut scrapbooking paper to fit the magnetic sheet.  Glue in place.
  2. Add scrapbooking letters for the word, “Menu”, and the letters for the days of the week.
  3. Slip the sheet into a vinyl sleeve, so it can be written on over and over. (You could cut a piece to fit the menu and glue it over the paper, and I might do that, but for a quick fix this works perfectly!
  4. Add menu with washable markers.
  5. Hang on refrigerator!

If you have a small magnet that was an advertisement or campaign trophy, you could glue a great vacation picture, your husband’s photo, or a beautiful picture from a card your friend sent you!  Don’t toss that magnet in the trash!


This is a simple little idea, but if you have an sheet of that magnetic material lying around in a drawer, you could make something really useful with it!  Add this to your Pinterest Board to use later!

Stay refreshed!