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God Will Make You Laugh!

Imagine that you walk into your OB office and you see a 90 year-old pregnant woman sitting there waiting for her appointment.  Yes, it’s  Sarah, Abraham’s wife.  While waiting for her name to be called, she’s  knitting little baby slippers for her first-born son.  She sees you looking at her, a little grin stealing away on your face, and she smiles, nods and says, “It is funny, isn’t it?  Let me tell you how this happened!  This baby is God’s gift to me and my husband –  he’s 100!”

Then she laughs, and seeing her joy, you laugh with her.  We read in Genesis 21:6,  “God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.”

God revels in doing what seems to us to be the impossible. His acts are so astounding that often, they are laugh-worthy!  They are surprises in answer to our prayers that we would have never dreamed of!  A son is raised to LIFE?!  There were probably sad tears that turned to laughter!  A man is struck blind on the road and hears a voice from heaven calling his name?  From that day on, he no longer persecutes Christians, now he is preaching Christ!  A tax collector who had been cheating people now follows Christ and repays those he’s cheated?  God feeds one of his servants using a raven?!  These situations are all laughable because no one but God could have ever done such wonderful things!

What are you waiting for God to do?  Don’t try to figure it out!  God is going to do it in such a way that will make you laugh!  He’s an awesome God and He loves to demonstrate just how awesome He is!  When He answers, tell someone so they can laugh with you!

Have you had a “laughable” answer to prayer?


Drive-Through Window Prayers

I don’t pull through a drive-through real often, but the times I have in the past have been little frustrating.  Oh, I can manage the car right up next to the little box where I’m to

  1. Wait for someone to know I’m there
  2. Hear me speak
  3. Hear them speak back to me.

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The issues come in the communication.  I usually end up shouting talking way louder than is necessary and looking into the speaker, as though the hearer might be standing in that little box. “Did she say $10.32 or $10.52?”  It’s hard to know.  I attempt to be ready to meet the attendant.  I then drive around to pick up the item I asked for.  The whole thing is over quickly and I’m on my way, hopefully with what I ordered.  The drive-through is used because it’s convenient ~ not necessarily effective.

I’m afraid many times we approach praying and getting an answer from God much like the drive-through window at our favorite fast-food place.  We’d like the convenience of getting what we we want in a fast,  timely manner rather than “going to lots of trouble.”

Here’s what a “Drive-through window prayer” looks like –

We pull up (bow our head), give our order (give God our list of requests for that day) while the engine is still running (while we’re ready to dash off to the next item on our “to-do” list), and give a salute to the window attendant, (say “Amen”) and hope the order in the bag is what we asked for (get from God what we asked).

Most times, however, Drive-through window praying leaves us confused about the message we were hoping to hear.  We scratch our heads, wondering if we got a message…or not.  But the truth is…

God doesn’t answer us on the run.

When we pray, we need to pull off and park.  We need to turn off the distractions of the world and be still before God so that we can hear His voice and so we can really focus on Him. Prayer isn’t about just getting my needs met – prayer is entering into a relationship with my God.  It’s there at the Throne that I learn more about Him and even His Word.   As we stop and draw near to Him, we will clearly hear His voice.  The answers will be unmistakable and sure.  Oh, they may not come right away, but as we continue to pray, He will answer. Jeremiah 33:3

Are you looking for answers today?  Don’t look for them at the drive-through. Park and go inside.  God will always hear exactly what you’re asking, and He will answer you in a clear, distinct way!

Can you remember a time of prayer in which God spoke to you in His still, small voice and revealed an answer to you?

Refresh your prayer life by slowing down long enough to really listen.

With love,