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How To Pray During the Coronavirus


Good evening, Friends!  I am posting totally out of my normal routine just to let you know that I’ve posted a new video to You Tube this evening.

As I’m sure you’ll hear in my voice on this video, I have a true burden about using the remainder of this during the Coronavirus with our ear leaning in towards the Lord to hear from Him, and also knelt before Him in prayer. If we don’t take advantage of this time to seek the Lord, how can we expect things to be different when it’s lifted?

The video is just under ten minutes long.  I’d love for you to listen and then ask God to help you to apply these simple truths to your own prayer life.

One man in I Kings made a difference because he prayed.  We can be just as effective…but we must pray.

Let’s refresh the world around us by having a heart for prayer.


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When God Doesn’t Answer Our Prayer


One afternoon I went to town to run a couple of errands. One intersection that I had to cross is always bottle necked. When the light is green, the cars have to be ready to move because the light changes again very quickly, and if you don’t catch it, then you’ll have to sit for a while.

I was about the third car at the light and the light was green, but the first car just sat Continue reading “When God Doesn’t Answer Our Prayer”

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I Prayed For Healing

bedroom (1)

Here I sit in my quiet space while the fire and my Christmas tree are lit before me.  The glow that is emitted from them both doesn’t compare to what is radiating from my heart this night.  The overflowing emotion that has spilled out in a torrent of joyful tears in the past week is Gratitude.

Perhaps you’ve followed along here with the news that my mom was to have major surgery the day before Thanksgiving.  I didn’t share any details beforehand, but now that it’s behind us, I must share the background story so you’ll get a glimpse into the reason for my grateful heart.

In late September, my mom had Colitis that sent her to the emergency room.  While doing a scan, a mass was found.  A biopsy was taken at that time.  A couple weeks later I went with her to two appointments where the doctors dismissed the colon issues and were very somber about the mass.  The biopsy had come back inconclusive, leaving them very concerned about this softball-sized tumor.  The next step was an appointment set for her at a cancer center for a consultation.

Hearing the words “Mass” and “Cancer” is enough to make anyone quiver, and I felt my own emotions shaking like the  leaves that were hanging from the tree branches on that autumn day.  However, my mom was confident and calm, resting in a sovereign God who has her life – and her death, in His hands.  Peace emanated from her life and reminded me of Philippians 4:7 – “the peace that passes understanding.”

The oncologist told her the mass must be removed, spite her age. He explained that both ovaries would also be removed.  He went on to say that this is a tough surgery for any woman, and would be especially so for my mom, a woman in her early 80’s, but that he felt she was strong enough to endure it.  A surgery date was set for early November, but after several “events” happened with her, the date was set back to the 27th.  She would be in the hospital seven days, and possible rehab after that.  Now we had two months to think about this. 

Two months to wonder what the mass was. 

But also two months to PRAY for God to intervene.

I say this, not from pride, but as a testimony to my great God – the Lord would stir me in the middle of the night and I would feel so compelled to go to my place of prayer and pray.  I poured out my heart before Him as Scripture compels us to do.  I admitted that I was fearful.  I would have to confess my worry.  Then I also rehearsed some verses on prayer that I read, such as ~

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

I prayed for a miracle.  I knew that every doctor was sure it was cancer, but I began pleading with the Lord to remove it, knowing that “nothing is too hard for Him!” I know that God hears the cry of His children and is very near in a time of trouble.  These verses are reminders that a person’s healing won’t always be here on this earth – God may choose to “deliver us from our trouble” by taking us home. Ultimate healing is promised every believer, but sometimes God heals here.  We see that evidenced over and over in God’s Word.  That was the answer for which I was praying. I’m leaving out so much as to why I was asking God for that, but it wasn’t just my own love for her…God knows the deeper reasons. I was also seriously asking for God’s will because I know that what He chooses to do is always what is best.  I knew that I could trust Him with the outcome.

Then came the surgery day.  While my mom was away with the medical staff, my family was gathered in the waiting area.  We stopped to pray in the middle of the surgery.

bedroom (3)

After a two-hours in the operating room, the doctor came into the consultation room to comfort us with the news that she had done well during surgery and that they removed the mass and the ovaries…and that the mass was



No cancer!

We rejoiced and then we stopped to pray and thank God for His touch in her life.

That night after I returned to my parents home, I found a place to bow on my knees before the Lord to give Him thanks in private.  This is how I had come to Him over and over again in those two months.  I would be remiss not to do the same in order to thank Him for hearing my prayers.  I am nothing.  He is everything.

I acknowledge Him – my omnipotent God for His gracious kindness towards us. If God had allowed the cancer, He would still be good.  One day each of our lives will end and He knows when that time will be.  But for now, I know that He has ordained that my mom be given more days to serve Him and love Him.

He’s given me this day to praise Him, and I will!

The seven day hospital stay was a mere four day stay, and no rehab afterwards!  She was home Saturday night and has been recovering remarkably well, again, all because of a powerful God!

Through this whole trial, I have come to a greater love and longing for prayer.  How can I live one day without communing with God, sharing my heart, giving Him my burdens and watching what He can do? Oh, may I never forget the blessing of watching Him do the exceeding things that only He can do, all because we prayed.

Let me end by thanking many of my dear readers here who were praying for my mom’s surgery.  How that touched my heart!

Next week I’m going to address the subject that may be on your heart as you read this post – What About When God Doesn’t Answer Our Prayers?  

With a grateful heart,

denise a

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God’s Hand At the Window

This morning I rose and pulled back the curtain to see the new day – to see what was happening outside my window.  I wanted to see the brightness of the sun, the beauty of the morning and of the freshness of the new day.  It was easy – I just took my hand and pushed back the curtain.  Do you know that there are many times when God does the same thing for us so that we will be encouraged in prayer; so that we will see that He is indeed working on our behalf? I watched that happen this  past Sunday morning…

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High Five for Prayer

Last week Whitney shared the explanation of High Five for Friday.  It’s a place where bloggers can list their posts listing five favorite things from the past week.  Today I’d like to do a little twist on that and have a High Five for Prayer.  I’d love to share with you answers to prayer in my personal life and give God the glory for all He has done!

  1. He has revealed Truth me that I needed to learn. During our recent week of evangelistic meetings, I woke up one morning just feeling out of sorts.  I got into the Word and had my prayer time in the morning but still had an uneasiness in my spirit.  As I went about my day, it was really troubling me and I asked the Lord, “Father, why am I like this from time to time?  What is causing this irritability in my spirit?”  It was later that night in the service that God used our evangelist to give me my answer.  It came from James 4 – When I’m want something that I’m not getting, I get irritable.  It could be I’m not getting my way, or I’m inconvenienced by someone, or slowed down on the Interstate.  God showed me so clearly the answer to the question I asked Him earlier.  I got it right and I thanked Him that He so graciously gave me my answer so quickly so I could win over this selfishness.  My God cares about my growth enough to answer my prayers regarding those very issues!
  2. I believe God brought healing to me.   I recently had a nasty lesion on my arm looked at by my dermatologist. Her immediate response was, “This concerns me greatly.” A biopsy was taken and a few days later they called to tell me it was a Squamous Cell Carcinoma and it would have to come off.  When I went to have the procedure done, the doctor entered the room and said that the biopsy was inconclusive and she wasn’t absolutely sure it was cancer.  When she did the “scrape and burn” procedure, it had no roots and didn’t look at all suspicious.  Praise His name!
  3. He clearly directed me in an important decision. When looking for direction about an opportunity to serve Him, I was totally unsure of what to do.  As I prayed God began to bring an answer to my heart using the preaching of His Word that I heard on a podcast.  I then had no doubt that God was opening this door for me, and I knew that the only way this could be accomplished was through His enabling!  He made it very clear that if I trusted Him He would equip me. It’s been a blessing to my heart because I know it is all of Him and none of me!!
  4. He provided a desire in my heart for a material thing I felt was a need.  I don’t know what I need, but my God does, so I prayed about something personal that I felt would help me, but there was the financial burden of it.  We had the money, but it was designated for other things.  I gave the matter to the Lord.   I told Him I only wanted His will, and if I was asking for something He knew would not be the best for me, to please not provide.  Later in the day my husband asked me if I had made an order.  I told him, “No. I didn’t feel like we could afford it.  The next minute I looked at my phone to see a text telling me that the price had been reduced by half!  It was totally in my range now and it was only by the graciousness of my God.  This is a “small” thing, but it’s huge because it was a clear reminder to me that God cares about the little things in our lives.  He is a good, good Father.  I’m reminded of this verse –If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? Luke 11:13

    And now the best for last…

  5. He allowed my daughter and son-in-law to finalize the adoption of their two sons this past week! I’m officially a Gigi!! (In case you’re not aware of the situation, I wrote about their foster parenting journey here .)  It’s been two years of praying, waiting, (yes worrying!), then praying some more!  It’s been up and downs, questions with no answers, paperwork and endless visits and appointments, but this past Friday the adoption was official!  Perhaps you saw Whitney’s post about the party we had last Saturday.  It was certainly a time of rejoicing!
    The Lord has shown Himself so wonderfully in this whole process.  I’m reminded that He was at work even when we could not see.  His hand was caring and loving those little boys and providing for them when we wondered about their future.  He loves them even more than we do. God has made my own spiritual adoption become a doctrine that is richer than I ever understood it to be before these boys entered our lives! I am so thankful for this rich answer to prayer!

Psalm 3 is a passage I have recently memorized and it has become so very precious to me.  Let me share part of it here –

Sunrise at home2a

What are you praying for?  Do as the psalmist and cry aloud with your voice.  Call.  Ask.  Then He will give you sleep, too.  You can awaken knowing that He is at work doing what only a loving, omniscient, sovereign God could do!  Don’t give up.  Keep on praying!

Do you have an answer to prayer?  I’d love to hear what God has done in your life recently!

Refresh your prayer life with praising Him for His answers,

denise a