Tassel Fun

Do you ever feel like doing a simple craft that doesn’t take much time?  I have the answer for you!  Yesterday I worked with my little Bible Clubbers at my house.  We worked on some makeup work they needed to do for Pioneer Club and I got the pleasure of helping one of them a fun craft that isn’t just for kids!  As a matter of fact, I had purchased one of these at Hobby Lobby that wasn’t nearly as cute as the one we crafted together!  Let me show you what we made:


All it took was:

  • Strips of fabric 3/4″ wide and 9″ long
  • Ribbon pieces 9″ long

Tear the fabric into pieces.  Lay about 14 or so pieces of coordinating fabric and ribbon in a pile. (Mix up the patterns) Tie it in the middle with ribbon.  Fold them in half and tie about an inch down with another piece of ribbon.  Incorporate that ribbon into the tassel.  Fluff.  You’re done!  How pretty is this?



These would make cute gifts.  You can hang them on a drawer pull, a door knob, a lamp, a purse, a curtain tie back, a package, a bookmark, etc.  Once you get started you’ll think of all kinds of things you could add to them to embellish them and you’ll find yourself making more than one!

Where would you put one of these?  I hope you’ll make one, or two or twenty!

Refresh your crafting desire,

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