Give Me Ten!

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“Give me ten!” might be yelled out by a drill Sargent  who is expecting his soldier to drop to the ground and give him ten push-ups.  I’m not yelling a command to you, but I’d like to give you a suggestion that I heard recently.

“Give me ten” by thinking of ten things for which you thank God. Can you hold up your ten fingers and give thanks to the Lord on this Thanksgiving for Ten things He’s given you?  Some might ramble off five or six pretty quickly, but then begin to slow down and have to really think to find the other four or five.

Here was my list this morning:

  1. My salvation, purchased by my Savior, Jesus Christ.
  2. God’s Word in which I can learn about the character of God and my need for Him.
  3. The Church.  What a blessing to have the Body of Christ in which to fellowship, learn, pray, share and grow!
  4. My godly heritage.  Having parents who know and love Christ is a great blessing!
  5. My sisters who know Christ and enable us to have an even greater bond.
  6. My godly husband God preserved for me who is a blessing every single day.
  7. My three daughters and two sons-in-law that love my girls and point them to Christ.; all gifts from a loving God’s hands
  8. Two grandsons -such precious grace gifts.
  9. The gift of friendships that make life sweeter and richer.
  10. The blessing of serving God – oh, the joy!

In your prayer time on Thanksgiving day, why not open your fingers while in prayer and find those ten things for which you are most grateful?  Remember God gets the praise – He is the Giver of every good and perfect gift!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17

Perhaps around your dinner table even the little ones can open their hands and give praise to God for ten things as they point to each finger!  We are so blessed!  Let’s count them one by one!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

See you next week!

With a grateful heart,


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Lie and Praise

I have a love/hate relationship with the Auto-correct on my cell phone.  When I want it to correct a misspelled word, it often does, and I love that.  However, it doesn’t read my mind and it often makes assumptions at times that aren’t always right. It can be very frustrating! I know I’m not alone in this.

Recently a friend was texting about whether or not she would be able to attend our church’s Pie and Praise service this week.  However, her auto-correct fixed the word Pie to what it assumed was correct.  So she let her friends know she wouldn’t be attending the “Lie and Praise” on Tuesday night!  I laughed until my sides hurt over that one!

However, the more I’ve thought about it, the more convinced I am that her auto-correct may have been right after all!  Oh, I’m sure no one who attends a praise service would purposefully lie about their praise, but there’s a way that I see myself not giving honest praise to my God.  Here’s what the next part  of Psalm 103 tells us to do:

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Don’t forget all His benefits!!  I lift my hands and say, “Thank you, Lord!”  This past Sunday after praying and thanking the Lord for His benefits, I marched out the door, went to church, and when someone asked me how I was, the first thing I told them was that I had a migraine!  What?!  Could I have not shared at least three things God had done for me instead?  What about all the parts of me that felt great, thanks to my God who holds this body together?!  But no, I turned my praise into a lie by not sharing God’s blessings and goodness with that person! I’m thankful for the conviction of the Spirit of God, because I was able to get it right with Him when I confessed it!

Isn’t it easy to praise one minute and complain the next?  God has done so much for us, but if we praise Him one minute and gripe and grumble the next, we’re really lying instead of praising.

I’m asking the Lord to help me to attend the Pie and Praise instead of the Lie and Praise – not just at church this week, but every day of my life!

Do you find yourself praising or grumbling today?  Let’s remember all His benefits and praise His name! No lying!

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Friday Favorites – It Made Me Smile

On this week prior to Thanksgiving, I have tried to stop and see the daily blessings the Lord brings.  How blessed I am!  I snapped pictures of some blessings.  These are things that just truly made me smile this week.

A full coffee drawer!  If you love the morning cup of coffee like we do, you know that good coffee is important!  We buy it up when it’s on sale.  Seeing this drawer full of coffee means lots of morning cups!  =)


Call me strange, but I love it when my hardwood floors are shining.  It seems hard to keep them this way, but I’d rather have people coming in and leaving footprints than keeping it spotless! But it made me smile to see them clean on the morning I mopped them and snapped this picture. =)


I love having my young Bible clubbers over any time we can get our schedules together.  This week I taught them the parable of the lost coin.  Does it melt your heart to think that the angels in heaven rejoice when ONE sinner repents and turns to Christ?  I’m thankful they rejoiced over me the day I got saved!  And for these two young ones to understand that Truth and then get to paint a picture about it brought a smile to my face and my heart! =)


Here was my attempt at photographing the beautiful Super-moon we had this week.  This was the morning after.


I love, love, love living in the mountains of Tennessee.  I snapped this while at a red light yesterday.  I thanked the Lord for the blessing of living somewhere that’s so beautiful! =)


One of my sweet readers sent me the sweetest card and gift this week!  She and I met at a Ladies’ retreat I spoke at several years ago.  She started reading my blog, then contacted me and we’ve gotten to know one another via email!  I am so grateful for the friendships that have come as a result of my blog!  One reader visited our church this summer and then sent a precious card!  I love that, and smile every time I see those cards!  Thanks to each of you who read; I am encouraged by each of you that stop by!

How sweet is this Victorian card?  Look at the beautiful pin she sent!  I love it.  Thank you, my friend! =)


So many things to be thankful for and to smile about!

What has made YOU smile this week?

I’m looking forward to a special weekend with several exciting events!  I’ll tell you about them next week!

Stay refreshed!

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