I found myself sitting here, hands on computer keys, staring into the screen. How many minutes have passed?  My heart has been racing, my thoughts swirling as I try to lasso the questions in my mind and answer them with Truth.

A situation happened that has caused me to run back to the Word that I had just heard preached.  It was a simple, yet impassioned message – 

“For with God Nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1:37  Another reminder was –

We are just pilgrims here. Our time is very short.” 

Our time is short. 
Our time to make a difference. 
Our time to reach the lost. 
Our time to lay up treasures in heaven. 

This also means that Satan’s time is short and he knows it.  He is busy.  His our enemy.  He hates us. he hates God.  He hates Christ. He hates the Truth we are tucking away in our hearts and sharing with others.  Why will I waste my time focusing on the problem? Instead I must turn my thoughts to Christ and His Word.

But with God nothing shall be impossible!  No conflict, no struggle, no need, no person, no trial, no sickness, no threat is too great for our God!  Praise the Lord for that truth that anchors our hearts when they are shaken!

What do you need to trust God for today? Be comforted that nothing is too hard for our God and remember that your time is short on this earth. Rather than focusing on the problem, look at Jesus.

Believing the God of the impossible,

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Making Spiritual Connections

A friend just told you how the Lord provided for her financial needs.  A man at church shared a testimony of how God healed him of cancer.  You hear of a friend whose childbirth was miraculous.  You see the softening in the heart of someone who needs to be saved.  Then a trial hits your life and you wonder where the Lord is.

Ever been there?  I know twelve men who have.  The disciples.  Just after they had seen Jesus provide food for 5,000+ people with 5 loaves and 2 fish, they were on a storm-tossed sea .  Jesus walked out to them on the water and they were scared even more of who this might be!  Then Jesus revealed Himself to them and calms the sea and the disciples are amazed, “For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.” In other words, they didn’t make the connection from what they had witnessed earlier to their own situation!  If Jesus could do a miracle with the loaves and fish, He could calm the sea.  Make the connection, disciples!

Jesus healed the cancer, provided the finances, brought the baby in a miraculous delivery, and drew the lost person’s heart toward the Gospel…and maybe He allowed you to see all that so you would trust Him to intervene in your situation, too!  He wants us to “make the connection” between what we witness and what’s going on in our own lives!  The connection can also be the Truths He shows us in His Word.  Our God is the same today as He was then!

Stop and consider what you saw God do just this past weekend.  Now, what does that do for your heart when you look at your life and what you’re dealing with?  Make the connection and trust Him!



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Step – Don’t Stagger

The path was fairly familiar to me – it was the route from the main meeting place at camp to the back of the camp site.  I had walked it many times in the daylight.  I knew there were steps, a hand railing, then a sidewalk, a parking lot and another set of stairs.  But at the moment that I was standing at the beginning of this journey back to my duplex, the sun had sunk down to slumber mode.  The sky was as dark as a deep cave, and we had no lanterns to light our way. I was not alone, thank the Lord; I was with a sweet friend and we clung to one another, groping our way in the blackness like Hansel and Gretel, looking for home.

We inched our way along, eyes widened to catch any ray of light that may be cast our direction, though there was none.  One step at a time, we moved slowly along, letting our heels scrape against the back of each step and our toes feeling forward for the next set of stairs.  We did finally make it – much later than we ever thought, but we vowed we would never come to camp again without a flashlight.  I’m pretty sure that whole area has lights now, and we could skip merrily back to our bunks without our major problems or hesitations we had that night!

Staggering would be the word that described our progress.  We were slow, deliberate, and apprehensive.

Just yesterday I read in Romans 4:20 –

He (Abraham) staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith,giving glory to God.

Abraham was told that God would make of him a great nation.  Though he was old and his wife’s womb was “dead,” he didn’t stagger!  He moved ahead!  Confidently laying one foot in front of the other, he trusted God’s promise and clung to it in faith.  Rather than looking like me and my friend on our dark path, he made strides, moving forward with steps of faith pounding on the pavement of his life until God fulfilled His promise to Abraham!

As I read that verse, I wrote in my journal, “Am I staggering, or am I trusting God’s promises today?”  When we are going through any kind of hardship, trial, illness, test, or decision, we need to open God’s Word and find a promise to claim.  Then, holding fast to it, we can lift our head and move forward.  Otherwise, we will be staggering.  Our hearts will be full of fear and doubt and there will be nothing but darkness before us.

Step – don’t stagger today! You’ll only do that when you cling to the promise of God!

What promise of God’s are you clinging to at this time?

With love,