Twenty-four years ago today I became a mother for the first time. God blessed me with a daughter (the prayer of my heart)! As I sit and reflect today on her birth and growing up years, I am filled with awe at God’s enabling grace and help in this tremendous joy and also huge responsibility called motherhood.

I remember feeling a bit overwhelemed during her infant months, but then as experience gave way to a little more confidence I was able to enjoy watching her change and develop. I’ll never forget the first time she laughed outloud, and the delight it brought her dad and me. We were a family and were now experiencing Family Fun Night!

It was our desire as her parents to spend time teaching her and training her in God’s ways. How many books did we read, even before she was able to hold a book? How many songs were sung to tell her of her Savior’s love? How many kisses and cuddles were shared to tell her of her parents’ love? Many, but not enough. How many times did we do things the wrong way? Too many, but praise God for His help and wisdom that he shared through His Word, as well as godly instrctors in many places.

Some of my favorite memories of motherhood are:

* Giving “clothes basket rides” through the house

*Making homemade play dough

*Playing library

*Tea parties

*Bike rides

*Teaching her to read

*Leading her to Christ

*Taking her to piano lessons

*Baking cookies

*Letting her roll out jam pies for Daddy

*Library Story time

*Celebrating her birthday, which included breakfast in bed

Today I celebrate her 24th birthday, even though she’s in South Carolina and I am in Tennessee. I thank the Lord for the special gift of a sweet daughter that has made me so thankful to be a mother and proud of the fine Christian young woman she has become.

Happy Birthday, Whitney! I’m eating chocolate cake in your honor!

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