Thanks for Everything

While you’re giving thanks for your blessings on this Thanksgiving Day, why not also include thanks for the trials the Lord has brought into your life. We’re are exhorted to “Give thanks always for all things” in I Thessalonians 5:18. While we don’t enjoy the difficulties, it is the hard things that push us to God. They make us realize our own inabilities and His all-sufficiency. It’s hard to say “thank you” for the migraines that I suffer with frequently, but they do remind me that One sweet day when we’re in heaven there will be no more illness, no suffering, no pain and that means NO MIGRAINES! For that I give thanks!

As you thank God for your blessings today, also thank Him for the hard things. He loves you and has sent them into your life to make you more dependent on Him.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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