Preparing for Easter

I love Easter week! It holds so much for us as believers. Without the resurrection we would obviously have no living Savior, and with no living Savior we would have no salvation. With no salvation we would have no purpose for our life or hope for eternity! The tomb is empty, but it’s full – full of blessing!

As with every other holiday, I’ve created traditions in our family to help make this weekend a special one. Things change as the children grow up, but let me share with you some of the things we did when our girls were small.

On Good Friday we would gather together and read the Scriptures about the crucifixion, but remind the girls this was not the end of the story! One year we used objects that reminded us of Jesus’ suffering and told the story with those objects. For example, a sponge, a nail, a thorn, etc.

On Saturday we had what we called, Easter Saturday. We would have an Easter egg hunt in our yard in the afternoon, followed by a hunt for their Easter baskets. I always made an Easter cake that looked like a basket and had green-colored coconut and jelly beans on top, then inserted a handle made of cardboard and covered with ribbon. We would finish our time by having a piece of cake together. Many people have varying opinions about all that I just described – but we found that doing these fun activities on Saturday was just another way to incorporate fun family times and traditions without combining them with Easter Sunday.

Then on Easter Sunday we would try to get up early and have our own Easter sunrise service. We lived in cold Indiana while the girls were small and often had to really bundle up to go outside that early, but it created some teeth chattering special times! My husband had built the girls a tree house in the backyard and we’d climb the tree house, Bible in hand and go up there and read the Scriptures about the women coming to the tomb early and finding it empty. Then we’d sing “He Lives” and “He arose”. We concluded with prayer, thanking God for our risen Savior. Then we’d go inside and have Easter breakfast together and get ready for church and a day of worship.

This week is such a great opportunity to hand out tracts and let folks know the reason for the hope within you. Be prepared with tracts in your purse and in the car so you’ll be ready for those opportunities.

I pray that this will be a special week for you as you meditate on the cross and the empty tomb, as you prepare to make it memorable for your family, and as you share the Good News with others!

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