Memory-making Days

Last night while walking on my treadmill I had the joy of watching an old family video. Who was that young married couple? I saw our family as it was in the early days. My husband, watching with me said, “We didn’t have much, but the Lord was sure good to us, wasn’t He?” True on both accounts. We had just what we needed, and God proved Himself faithful.

As I watched the taping of our simple little Christmas and also of some ordinary days doing ordinary things I was so thankful that we had this chronicle of our lives on tape.

I would have remembered that we had Christmas that year, but I wouldn’t have remembered all the details of the day as they were recorded for us on that tape. I was encouraged as I sat there to be sure to continue to take pictures of the little things we do. It’s good to video tape the special days and the ordinary ones. It’s fun for me to look back on our daily lives on video and recall the simplicity, the early training days in our girls lives, (my young skin) …so special.

Not every day is Christmas, most days are pretty normal, but I think we should try to add something special to the day. Perhaps do something out of the ordinary at suppertime like making everyone pretend they’re another member of the family while you’re eating your meal. Dad may have to act like he’s mommy. Brother may have to pretend he’s his little sister, and so on. Then record it on tape, if you can. Perhaps you and your children could go visit the library for story time this week. Take a picture of the kids in the circle of children. Take pictures of the children outside in the kiddie pool.

As I relived those early years last night I thought, “We spend our early years making memories and our later years reliving them.” Some day when I’m feeble and not able to get around, my memories will replay over and over in my mind.

Make some memories today.

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.– Thomas Jefferson


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