Refreshing Money Saving Tips

As I think about the name of my blog I think about the things that refresh me. One thing for sure is a good deal or saving money on needed items. A few weeks back I stopped at Walgreens for an item. As I walked towards the front of the store I noticed a cart with 5 pound bags of Domino Sugar. It grabbed my attention because: 1. I needed sugar and 2. it was on sale for $1.99. That’s not a bad price and it would save me a trip to the dreaded Walmart. I picked up a bag and headed to the cash register. When the girl gave me the total for my order I said, “I don’t think you charged me enough.” “Oh, it’s correct,” she replied. “The sugar is ringing up at eighty cents.” Making a dash to the cart I said, “I’ll take the other three bags that are over there!” Wow! That made my day! That sugar will take me through my holiday baking!

So, in an effort to refresh you readers that also love a good deal, I’d like to pass along a couple blogs that have been a blessing in helping me find good sales. One is Money Saving Mom. Not only does she tell you where you can find great prices, but she also shares her plans for cooking and baking ahead for her freezer and ways to save money all through the year.

Another favorite sight is for those of you that also live in the south. It is Southern Savers. I love her blog because she not only tells you about the sales but gives categorized lists for all the southern stores and posts links to coupons to go with the sale items, which can sometimes result in getting an item for FREE! If you need cheese for a lasagna and want to know where you can get it on sale you can type it into the search engine and it will tell you where to go for the best deal! You can also create a personal itemized list for each store where you want to shop! She takes all the hard work out of using the sale papers!

Aside from saving lots of money, I’ve also been able to avoid Walmart for the last couple of weeks, except to run in for a pharmacy item. I can handle that! I hope these blogs refresh you and help you to save some money! Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Refreshing Money Saving Tips

  1. I just “discovered” Southern Savers 2 or 3 weeks ago. I love the way that website has stores separated out. It is refreshing and a blessing to be able to save money on needed items. Thanks for sharing other ideas.


  2. I also like to follow Faithful Provisions. It is very similar to Money Saving Mom. I started following Money Saving Mom a few months ago after you had mentioned it. Thanks!


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