My Favorite Thanksgiving

I’ve been pondering past Thanksgivings. All holidays were special when I was growing up. There were certain foods and traditions that were a part of each special holiday, and I have many wonderful memories of the years when I was growing up. But when I think about my favorite Thanksgiving I think back to the year before I got married. I was in love; I think that had to be what set this Thanksgiving off from all others!

This was a first for me; I was hosting the dinner in my home – a 14′ x 70′ trailer, for my boyfriend (soon to be fiance’), and both sets of parents! The kitchen was so small that if I hoped to open the fridge during dinner or slip over to the sink during the meal, there was no way we could eat dinner in the kitchen. So I moved the kitchen table into the living room and turned it into my dining room.

I don’t remember the entire menu, but I know we had the essentials – turkey and mashed potatoes (thank goodness my mom came early to help me roast the turkey)! We also had green beans and a jello salad. I remember making my first ever yeast rolls. I was so proud that they rose to their clover shape! I’m not sure how they tasted, but they were pretty! I made gingerbread place cards for each place setting. They weren’t nearly as fancy as these, but they were cute and edible!

Everything was very simple. There were no fancy dishes – just the ones I’d picked up each week at the grocery store. My cloth napkins were ones I’d made myself with a couple yards of fabric. I served a simple sherbet punch and iced tea to accompany our meal.

There we all were, gathered in my little living room. I was giving thanks for God’s provisions for this insignificant first grade school teacher. Everything I had was so obviously a grace gift from my loving God. I was seated next to my husband-to-be, and with my godly parents who were the best parents a girl could have, and also with my future in-laws that had been so gracious to me.

That was twenty-nine years ago, and though I’ve had many special Thanksgivings since then, that one is the most memorable. It was the beginning of sharing my thanks to God beside the man with whom I would share my life. God’s been so faithful to us all these years.

This year as we bow our heads together, hands clasped, we will again number the grace gifts He’s given. One of those is each other. Thank you, Lord.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Thanksgiving

  1. The first Thanksgiving I remember is when I was three. My brother had the high chair and I was sitting in a regular chair. I was so small that i couldn't really see what I was getting off of my plate. All of a sudden, Uncle Mac, who was across from me, threw done his fork and stomped out of the room saying “I can't stand this anymore!”. Well, you can imagine the shock and confusion. We could hear him messing around in the mud room. Then he came back in with two phone books and a Sears catalog tucked under his arm. He came up to me plucked me up with the other arm and put the books down and set me back on top of them. He explained that all he could see was a little pair of eyes and that I was struggling with the food!


  2. We remember too, how hard you worked, and everything was so nice, and delicious. We remember too the antics, with a small pumpkin, pillow, and kitty cat that your soon to be husband entertained us with. Good memories all. Your blog brings them back.


  3. what a sweet memory!

    it might not be my favorite…but there was the thanksgiving that all 4 of us had the flu. we made pilgrims and indians out of toilet paper rolls….and dad went to IGA to pick up ready-made dinners for the ones of us who could eat it!


  4. I'm surprised that I didn't scare my future in-laws away!! Thanksgiving holidays became a special event after Denise came into my life. We have enjoyed some special times with the Ray family for 29 years. How often we have shed tears and laughter as we gathered after the big meal to share testimonies of God's grace. Special times, indeed. Thank You, Lord, for your blessings on me.


  5. A memorable Thanksgiving for me was the year we hosted the Ray meal at our parsonage in Tennessee. It was the year Jeff was battling depression. Never did family feel so good as during that time of great struggle. There were many tears (and many Puffs as always!). The meal was good, but the fellowship and love better. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of family.


  6. YES, I too remember that thanksgiving!!! When Dale was doing his “act's” I thought– and this is the feller you are going too marry?


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