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Help Others To Listen

I mentioned earlier this week that I usually always sit in the front of the church during services – greatly because of my lack of being able to stay focused. When there are lots of people in front of me my mind often wanders.

Well, Wednesday night in Prayer meeting I got “caught” toward the back of the church when the service began. I’d been chatting and catching up with folks when the song service began, so I promptly found myself a place near where I’d been standing. A friend and a follower of my blog turned and said something like, “Oh, you’re in the back!” She probably remembered my post and wondered if I’d be drawing pictures or be taking mental attendance instead of paying attention to the message! However, I did stay focused, and let me tell you how my friend made it even easier for me to do so.

While my husband was teaching, she was focused. He would make a statement or ask a rhetorical question and her head would nod in agreement. At one point a child up front went out, but rather than letting her eyes follow the child’s movement, she remained intent on the preaching – as though no one was moving about.

What a lesson she was to me. As I sit up in front of others, my participation, focus, and discipline will help those behind me to be less distracted. I can encourage them to listen intently by my doing the same. On the other hand, if I wiggle around, get up and leave and come back again, fiddle with my purse and other belongings, or talk to those near me, I’ll only serve as a huge barrier to those around me who came to hear from the Lord.

As you go to church this Sunday, be mindful of those behind you, and help – don’t hinder them from being able to stay attentive to the Word of God as it’s being preached.

See you in church,

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