Fall Wreath

It’s October, and definitely time to haul out the fall decorations and wreaths. Who says wreaths have to be round? I love the oblong shapes, such as…

I got the idea for this on a blog. The instructions said to use a foam form. I didn’t want to do that because:

  1. They’re expensive!
  2. They’re light-weight and fly around when the door is opened
  3. I had another idea!

I had an old ugly brown frame in the basement that wasn’t being used, so I chose to use it instead. The weight was perfect for hanging on the door, it was the right shape and it cost me nothing! I found silk fall leaf garlands on clearance at Michael’s this week for $1.99, and this wreath took 1 1/4 garlands. I simply hot glued the leaves in random positions around the frame:


It took me about 30 minutes to make this. If you don’t have a picture frame already, check the Goodwill store or the dollar store. Buy an ugly picture and pop the picture out of the frame!

This weekend will also be the time to make a pot of chili. We’re headed to the bike trails on Saturday and the highs are supposed to be in the 60’s. Goodbye Summer! I loved you! Hello, Autumn! You, too, are a blessing because you come from my Father’s hand.

Happy Fall! See you in church Sunday!
With love,

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