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Fall Favorites

Did you know that tomorrow, September 23, is the First Day of Autumn?  My daughter, Whitney has a birthday today and it often falls on the first day of fall, her favorite season!  She’s my favorite first-born.  =)  Would you pop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday today?

As I mentioned here, I like to slowly bring the fall decor into my home.  The Lord, the Creator of the seasons, brings autumn in gradually, until one day we wake up and find that the seasons have changed.

I looked through summer’s window
and was so surprised to see,
Autumnal hues and colors
were peeking back in at me.
—Denise Cunningham

Isn’t that the way it seems? One day we look out and realize that fall has slowly enveloped us!
In honor of this new season, I’ve gone through and pulled out some of my favorite autumn decor from the past years.  Hope this inspires you a little…now that Fall is almost officially here!
I love these little pumpkins and the pop of color they give to the dining room’s turquoise.

The entryway table…

Of course, you have to add some fall touches to the outside of your porch, too!

Throw a cat in there, too, it gives an added special touch!

On the first chilly morning, we love to pull the kitchen table over to the fireplace for a cozy spot for breakfast!

Here are a few from my “old” house…

The Scrabble board set up with fall words…

Then a little twist on a fall wreath…
Find the instructions here

It seems everyone is buzzing about fall this year.  Are you on that bandwagon, or are you sad to see summer go?


7 thoughts on “Fall Favorites

  1. Thanks for the birthday shout-out! You’re my favorite Mom! 🙂 I always love your fall decor. The “old house” always looked so cozy, but I especially love how you work in the turquoise with your fall decor in this house. It’s so fresh and beautiful!


  2. I love fall and I have decorated the inside of my house but I will do the porch when I get home from a little beach vacation. I did not want my mums to die while I was gone! I love the picture of the table next to the fire! So cozy!


  3. I love Fall, it happens to be my favorite time of year with temperatures perfect for cozy sweaters but not cold enough for einter jackets. I confess, though, I don’t feel ready for it this year. Here in NS it has been up and down with the weather all summer and lots of rain so it didn’t feel like summer – at least to me. Hah. But I am enjoying our warm days and cool nights now. Looking forward to apple picking in a couple weeks.

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