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Transitioning Fall Into Your Home

On our walks this week I’ve seen little touches of fall – a few red leaves are swinging on tree branches, the corn is cut and turned to silage, the hay bales are rolled, and acorns are rolling on the street like marbles in a little boy’s pocket.

I love how the Lord slowly brings us into the fall season like that. We don’t wake up one morning and find it. BLAM! All the trees have changed colors, the birds have flown south, the days are short and summer is out of here! No, it happens slowly. It waltzes in, swirling and blowing about our feet.

The “Blam!” description has often been my approach to fall decorating. I’d open the boxes and spill it out everywhere. But I’m trying to make my technique mature a little. I’m having to rein myself in, but I think it’s going to happen! I still want to hang onto summer while I can and enjoy its sunshine and warm days, but also embrace the cool nights and changing hues. I believe it’s really best if our home decor echoes what’s going on outside.

So, here’s how I’m trying to do that:

Layering. I’ll start with subtle layers like here on the coffee table. As the season progresses, I’ll add additional layers by placing rugs on the floor, or throws on the side of a chair or the bed. It gives a warm, inviting feeling to the room.


My fall magazines and Scrabble tiles give a natural transition into September and the new season.


What says Autumn more than hot coffee? Coffee beans around a candle are almost as good! I love Susan Branch’s seasonal books! They inspire me! This one is my favorite!

Of course a kitty makes any room more inviting!

I think a bookcase is so inviting and welcoming on its own, but with a few touches it can also say Autumn! I added a few books, leaves and an acorn dish.


So, there’s a little of what I’ve done so far. Little by little, it will be finished – maybe just in time for the first day of Autumn at the end of the month!

Do you transition the fall decor into your home or do you add it all at one time?

Stay refreshed,

7 thoughts on “Transitioning Fall Into Your Home

  1. I used to just go crazy with fall decor so I have reined myself in a bit and I have a more subtle decor this year. I am sharing some of my old things with the grands for their rooms.( Their moms will love it.lol) I saw your Susan Branch book…I have several of those that I put out seasonally. I am looking forward to her new book, Fairy Tale Girl.


  2. I try really hard to wait until October to put out fall decor, since from then until mid-January I’ll have everything decorated for the seasons. I did pull a few darker colors out to warm up the cool things I had for summer. Your fall decor always looks so cozy!


  3. I really enjoyed this post! I loved your description of “acorns … rolling on the street like marbles in a little boy’s pocket”. You have some great ideas here. I especially like the fall magazines with the scrabble tiles!

    Yes, I do tend to decorate for fall in stages. By October everything is leafy, pumpkiny, and so on. In early November I will add a few Thanksgiving touches. Oh … I just love fall!


    1. Thank you! I love descriptive writing, though I’m not as good at it as I would like to be. I love Jan Karon’s books for that very reason.
      I like your fall transitioning style – leaves, then pumpkins… That’s a great way to add as you go along. Have fun decorating!


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