Heaven is a Person

In a recent conversation with a friend, I learned of an unsaved person who is suffering and near death. The worst part about it is that he is unsaved. His pain is becoming quite severe and it is making him more disagreeable and unkind than ever with each passing day.

As I’ve thought about that dear man, I’ve prayed even more for his salvation. Right now, because he is not God’s child, he is enduring this suffering alone. He has no one to call out to that can give him strength, comfort or relief. If he dies in his sin, the suffering he’s felt here will be nothing in comparison to eternity in hell and he will be separated from God forever. How sad, because it is all needless.

Christ died for us and took the sting out of death. He rose from the grave and ever lives to intercede for us. He will never leave or forsake those of us who have trusted in Him as our Savior, and when we close our eyes in death we will awake in heaven where we will be with Him forever. Heaven is more than a place – it is a Person.

My husband started a new series of messages on Heaven this past Sunday night and he shared with us some of the blessings in heaven. It was wonderful to ponder!

What is in heaven?

  • Our Father is there
  • Our Savior is there
  • Our inheritance is there
  • Our eternal joy is there
  • Our life is there
  • Our reward is there
  • Our names are there

Do you have the assurance of heaven? It will change everything you face today. This is not home – home is heaven and heaven is a Person. Trust in Him today.


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