Rest. Its a foreign word to most of us. It’s something we dream about; something we relish, but don’t get nearly enough of. There’s a particular kind of rest I want to bring to your attention. I want you to think about a sabbath rest. A sabbath rest is simply a period of rest. I was recently challenged to take a sabbath rest from the Internet and technology. What? No email on Sunday? No checking Facebook statuses? What about my blog? How will I share what’s been cooking in the parsonage on Monday if I don’t write my blog on Sunday? I took a deep breath, then I took the challenge. The blessings have been tremendous in just the two weeks in which I have rested.

  1. I have had more of a single-focus. When I’ve come home from church instead of opening the laptop, I’ve re-read the passage that was preached from God’s Word. I’ve looked over my sermon notes and what the Lord said to me. I’ve meditated on my memory passage.
  2. I have truly had the opportunity to rest. Oh, I generally always take a nap on Sunday, but along with that, I’m not “working” on an email response, a devotional thought, or answering a Facebook note.
  3. I’ve been able to think about and prepare mentally for the week ahead.
  4. I’ve had time to do little gestures on Sunday afternoon that were previously taken up with the Internet, such as writing a couple of notes to people to encourage them.
  5. When the evening service time came, I was ready to return instead of continuing in the fast-paced frenzy of the afternoon.

Taking a sabbath rest from technology has made me need to prepare my blog posts earlier, but it’s gotten done. And you know what? Those emails and Facebook notifications were all waiting for me on Monday! My mind feels clearer and refreshed. Imagine that!

From what do you need a sabbath rest? It may be something other than the Internet; maybe it’s sports, television, or texting. Ask the Lord to show you if there’s something that is bogging you down that would benefit you to take a rest from, then do it and see what blessings come from it.

With love,

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