Tiny Imitators

A 15 month-old boy scrambled up into his grandad’s lap to view pictures on Grandad’s phone.  After siezing the phone from his grandpa, the little tyke held the phone with both hands, thumbs placed squarely on the keys, and began moving his thumbs all over the key pad as though he were texting!  He had seen his parents do this many times, and was now perfectly immitating their texting skills!  What a hilarious sight!

What a reminder that our children are watching us and will learn about their world from what we do.  They will also imitate the things we do, as illustrated by this tiny texter!  It’s a sobering thought!  What would their actions reveal about how we pray?  Do they know our place of prayer? Would they know the notebook where we keep our prayer lists?   Would they know how to open the Bible and search through its pages because they’ve seen us doing that on a regular basis – not just at church, but also at home? How does their speech reflect what they hear come from our mouths?  Do they see us using our free time in a way that’s productive, rather than sitting for long periods of time at the computer or television? Do they know to always bow their head and thank the Lord for their food because we wouldn’t think of eating without thanking the Giver? 

These reminders are not to give us a guilt trip; that’s Satan’s tactics.  But we need to be reminded that our children are watching and will imitate what they see in our lives.  Ezekiel 16:44 says,  As is the mother, so is her daughter.  It’s certainly true also of sons.  Oh, that they will be godly because that’s what they see in us!

With love,

2 thoughts on “Tiny Imitators

  1. Ryland wanted me to play Sunday School w/him. He wanted to be the teacher. “OK, grandma, you have to say your bible verse, (I do), He says “Good job Grandma. Now we have to pray. Then he goes to Cohen – oh Cohen can't talk grandma, it's your turn again! We had alot of fun, plus I'm so glad he loves Sunday School!They really do copy us!


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