What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

My Sunday dinner was comprised of tried and true recipes made upon request.  I fed my daughter, her boyfriend and college roommate.  When my college student comes home, she gets to choose the menu!  This was her first time home all semester, too, so she was anxious for some of her favorites.  I made the Lemon Greek chicken that I shared here.  We also had corn saute’, cooked apples, low-fat Angel biscuits, and for dessert, Hot chocolate Cakes.



Let me share another recipe that I made this weekend that is super good.  I made it for our Sunday school fellowship.  It’s so flavorful and makes plenty.  It calls for ham and chicken, but you could use just one of the two and it would be just as good.  The flavor comes especially from the wild rice.  We love this soup!

Cream of Wild Rice Soup

2 C cooked Wild rice
1 large onion, finely diced
1 carrot, finely diced
1 celery rib, finely diced
1 C finely diced ham
1/2 C butter – I reduced this to 1/4 and it was plenty
4 T. flour
8 C chicken broth
1 ! cooked diced chicken
salt and pepper to tatse
1 C light cream or half and half (I used fat free half and half)

Prepare the wild rice in a 4-5 quart dutch oven.  Set aside.  Saute’ onion, carrot, celery and ham in the butter about 3 minutes or until the vegetables have softened slightly.  Sift in the flour a little at a time, stirring and cooking until the flour is blended in well, but not browned.  Slowly add the chicken broth stirring until all the flour, butter and vegetable mixture is blended well.  Add the wild rice, cooked chicken and adjust seasonings to taste.  Heat thoroughly.  Add the cream and reheat gently, but do not boil.  Yields 12 servings.

What was cooking in your kitchen this week?

With love,

5 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

  1. Hey, Denise
    Would you review (or tell me where in your recipes to look) for how you get broth from a chicken carcass and freeze it?

    Thank you!


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