A Peek Inside the Parsonage

It was very early in ministry at our first pastorate when the Lord taught me some precious lessons about trusting Him for the very smallest of details. Our little girl was about eight or nine months old. She was beginning baby foods – creating a tightness in our already limited grocery budget. We did the best we could, scrimping and cutting back to create funds for what was necessary. However, even that couldn’t keep the checking account from dropping to a meager forty-nine cents! The cupboards were virtually bare, and our baby’s cereal was almost gone. 

What were we to do? 

My husband and I didn’t want our parents to know, though we knew they would help. We didn’t want our congregation to know; they were doing the best they could to provide for us. We knew we must do only one thing – pray!  That’s exactly what we did. We prayed together. We prayed separately.  In my quiet time I was praying specifically for certain things we needed such as Kleenex, milk, and Gerber’s Oatmeal for our little one. 

One evening after being out we pulled into our car port and noticed the door to our house propped open.  As we got out of the car and neared the door, we saw that the reason the door was open was due to the sack of groceries that were stacked on our steps! Many brown paper sacks (before plastic grocery bags!) greeted our astonished faces. Our hearts overflowed as we carried them inside and began taking the items out of the sacks and placing them on the counter. Milk, Kleenex, and yes, Gerber oatmeal were a part of the abundance now before us!

We cried with joy at God’s provision for His children.  We marveled at the specific needs He met, and we learned that we could trust our God to take care of us.

I thank the Lord for those early lessons. I’ve recalled that scene many times over in my mind. It has encouraged my heart for the needs that have arisen over the years. I did not doubt that they would be met! If my Father in heaven can hear the cry of a mother’s heart for her child, He will love me and provide for me all my life! 

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

With love,

P.S. I’ve had TONS of problems getting this post up. Sorry for the long paragraphs – it just wouldn’t cooperate and let me edit! I trust that the Lord will provide…even in this!

3 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. Ah…this post hits close to home with me….God has done so much to provide for my family in ways I never thought (especially lately). Giftcards from an anonymous donor arrived last week in an unsigned card…gifts of money have been given at just the right time to meet very specific needs.

    My God provides!


  2. Thank you for the reminder of this story this morning. I have heard it before but the Lord knew that I needed this exact encouragement today. I praise the Lord in His leading of how you write your blogs each day. Love you much lady.


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