Grace Blessings

What a great week this has been. It’s been full of God’s grace blessings. Allison has been home all week for a self-made spring break (she saved all her class absences for the semester and took them all at once so she could come!). We’ve had a great time. We’ve gone bike riding, swung out on the deck swing, gone out for ice cream, had our nails done together, gone shopping, played Mayberry Trivia, talked about “girl things,” had a picnic at the lake, and just hung out together.
Here are pictures of some of those and other blessings from God’s hand this week:


How have you experienced God’s blessings in special little ways this week?

With love,

3 thoughts on “Grace Blessings

  1. Denise, I'm so happy to know you had a wonderful time with your daughter. The pictures are treasures!

    This week, I had a fun time at a “redneck” bar-b-q joint with my dear friend, Lynzee.

    Steve and I had a picnic lunch on the porch steps yesterday, and we watched the blue jays fly through the woods. Blue jays are Steve's favorite bird, so, his joyfilled comments were extra special.

    This week we watched delicate green lizards on a dogwood tree. The God-gift in the lizards is they are the same kind I grew up seeing daily in Barbados.

    Our house is surrounded by woods, and it seemed that overnight all the leaves exploded into view. The woods are gorgeous!

    Melodious bird songs filling the air.

    We moved to this home a year ago, and as the weather warms, God is gifting us with flowers. The azaleas are vibrant reds, delicate pinks, and snowy whites. Bright yellow day lilies are beginning to blossom, royal purple irises sway, and there is a lucious pink flower that is trying to open. We'll know what it is in a couple days.

    Beautiful yellow/orange butterflies flit about on the azaleas, there is a Carolina Wren nest outside my bedroom window, black capped chickadees have a nest in a blue bird box, and the blue birds are eyeing the new box Steve built for them.

    I've enjoyed watching my husband build a box for a raised garden bed, and the 5 fragrance filled herb plants we have are thriving.

    God-gifts. Wow! I could keep writing.

    Steve and I are reading through the Bible together. That's a God-gift because it gives us much need time together to share what God is teaching us through His Word.

    Another gift is keeping writing track of God-gifts throughout my days. His gifts are constant, and it's up to us to see them. It's not just a vision thing… His gifts can be seen and heard and tasted and felt.

    My dog, Gracie, is a special gift from God in memory of Geoffrey. Gracie loves me no matter what. And Sassy Cat. On the days I need to spend in bed, she is a constant companion. She will sacrifice eating, drinking, and pottying to stay with me.

    Wow! and to think… God loves me so much more!! He created me for His glory! He never leaves! He has me imprinted in the palm of His hand, and He's preparing an extra special gift. Heaven. What a God-gift!
    I thank God for the shade of the trees


  2. The shade of the trees is not really an after-thought. The shade is so important in my life. It reminds me of God's protection… not only physical shade from the brilliant heat of the sun… but spiritual shade from the trials of this life.

    God knows~


  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Debby. I have to add another grace blessing from last week – spending time with you and Steve this past weekend! I loved it more than I can say! Thanks for making the effort to join us!


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