What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

What a special day Easter Sunday is!  Of course we celebrate the resurrection every day, but the special emphasis over this weekend is such a blessing. We witnessed a drama, When Jesus Comes, that portrayed the difference Christ makes in a life.  He has certainly made a difference in mine – how about you?!

 After our morning service I invited my mother-in-law and two other sweet ladies from our church to join us for Easter dinner.  I try to look for people who might not have families here to have dinner with and invite them to join us. 

My husband chose the menu for this meal.  I like it when he’ll ask for certain foods, because I like fixing the things he enjoys.  We didn’t stray too much from our traditional menu, just a little.  We had:

Honey-glazed Ham
Deviled Eggs
Angel Biscuits – (Made them again because their Dale’s favorite!)
Carrot Cake and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I think the only new recipe here is the Carrot Cake.  It’s a one-layer cake because it’s from Cooking Light, but only you will know it’s light.  This is really good!  When you consider that a “normal” carrot cake can have close to 50 fat grams and close to 500 calories, and this recipe is only 8 grams and half the calories, I hope you’ll be tempted to try it!  Seriously, this tastes as good as any Carrot Cake minus the guilt!

How did you celebrate Easter and the resurrection of our Lord?

With love,

4 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’ in the Parsonage?

  1. I actually prepared two Easter dinners this year. One I made to travel to my daughter's home to share with them on Friday before Easter. Then on Easter Sunday I used the leftover ham to make mini hams loaves, the kind with the yummy sweet-sour brown sugar sauce. Served the ham loaves along with parsleyed red potatoes, asparagus, an apple salad, deviled eggs, oatmeal rolls, and a key lime icebox dessert. It was great fun to be in the kitchen again. However, the best part of our day was to be in our home church–a new church plant–and to see visitors there and to see two people trust Christ as Saviour!


  2. Wow, sounds delicious, Joyce. Care to share the ham loaf recipe? Praise the Lord for souls saved yesterday! He also lives in those two lives now!


  3. We had the Hardings over for lunch yesterday. They were so sweet and brought colored eggs to hide for the boys. We had spiral sliced ham, crock pot mashed potatoes, squash casserole, 5 cup salad, bread and strawberry shortcake. I took a risk with the mashed potatoes because I was trying a new recipe and I have never made them in the crock pot before. They turned out great! Praise the Lord for a great lunch, great fellowship, and a sweet devotion time with our friends!


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