A Peek Inside the Parsonage

I guess this would technically be called, “A Peek Outside the Parsonage” because I want to show you something outside on my deck. Look at this cute chandelier-like light that I found for my umbrella table at Lowe’s this past week.  I love it! Ta-da!!!!
Without being lit it even makes the breakfast table pretty!
This picture’s a bit blurry, but here’s what it looks like at nighttime with the votives lit…
This was only $15!  I think it gives lots of bang for the price.  As much as we use our deck in the summertime, I know this will be used lots!  It screws together around the pole of the umbrella in a matter of minutes; easy enough for even me to put together! 
A really neat idea that I read about recently to add a little color to your umbrella table is to take a tube pan and place the umbrella through the tube part of the pan, then fill the pan with potting soil and plants.  I found a nice tube pan at a yard sale last weekend for $2, and after I get some drainage holes drilled in it, I’ll be adding it to my table. 
Here’s another pretty porch/deck picture that I love.  They used curtains for some privacy and also to filter light through.  Thanks to All You for this beautiful inspiration!  Who wouldn’t love to call this theirs?  I sure would!

What special touches have you added to your porch or deck?

Happy Summertime!

One thought on “A Peek Inside the Parsonage

  1. I put sheers up around 8 of my panels in the screened in porch and it looks much softer. I tied ribbon around them to gather them in some. I also added outdoor pillows in turquoise to accent the orange and green colors I was using. The pop of color is fun.


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