Ready to Go

If you get to go away on vacation this summer, you may find as we did, that that particular week seems to fly by!  I hate to discourage you before you even pack, but vacations don’t last!  **Sigh**

While away on our recent vacation, my husband and I would sit near the pool and read our Bible in the morning.  We were seated near the gate that led out to the beach; therefore, many people walked past us as we sat there with our Bibles and journals open and a pen ready. The response from the passersby was truly interesting. The believers were easy to spot. When they saw our Bible, their look would brighten. Many would step back to make a comment.

One such person was a dear lady probably in her 60’s. She walked up to me, a smile on her face, and asked, “What does the Word say today?”

“The Lord is so good” I said, and then I shared with her the truth that I had just read from the psalms.

Her response to me was – “Oh, as I was just walking along the shoreline and thinking about being here on vacation, the Lord brought to my mind that this time away is how life is. You come here on vacation and enjoy yourself, but then at the end of the week, it’s time to go home. That’s the way it’s going to be for all of us. We’re here now for just a short little while, then one day, it will be time to go home, and we all have to be ready.”

She’s so right. Our time on vacation went so quickly, and was wonderful, but then the time was ended and it was time to pack up and head home. When our life is done here, we are all headed somewhere – heaven or hell. Will you be ready to meet the Lord on that day? Where are you going, Friend? You can know for sure that heaven is your home by trusting Christ as your Savior. (Click here to read how you can know!)  The time is passing quickly – don’t delay!  Heaven will be far better than anything we’ve ever enjoyed on this earth – and it will never end!

See you in church!

With love,

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