He is In the Boat

We never know how God is going to answer our prayers, but I believe an answer to my recent prayers came in the form of gastroenteritis – a type of flu that had me sicker than I’ve ever been before.

For the last couple of weeks I have prayed and asked the Lord to show me His nearness throughout the day.  You see, I so often find myself so caught up in the tasks at hand that I forget to look for Him around me – to keep the sweet communion we shared in the early hours of my devotions in all the little moments of the day.  

I find a little bit of comfort in the fact that even Jesus’ disciples had this problem of remembering how near He was to them.  In Mark 6 we find that Jesus had just performed the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 with the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Then Jesus went up into the mountain to pray and told the disciples to go get into the ship.  In short order, after they got on the boat and got half way across the Lake, a terrific storm blew up and they feared for their very lives.  They were afraid, yet they had just been with Jesus and seen Him do a great miracle.  What made them forget what they had just witnessed?  How could they have forgotten the power of the Son of God? Was it preoccupation of fishing?  Conversation with one another?  Lack of faith? At the most critical moment, Jesus walked out on the water and they cried out – not knowing who this was, but Jesus spoke to them,

 “Fear not.  It is I, be not afraid.” 

John says in his account of this story, “Then they willingly received Him into their ship and were safely at land.”

In the middle of the night when I was calling out to the Lord for His strength and help in my illness, He brought my prayer to mind – my prayer to know of His nearness.  He was very close in the night watches while I was so sick.  Even the couple of times that my loving husband didn’t hear me slip out of bed, my God did; just as Jesus saw the disciples on the Sea and knew their peril.   He allowed us to be able to reach my doctor (who “just happened” to be be the one on call that night), to get guidance about going to the ER for IV fluids, and He went before us and allowed me to be seen, treated and released within an hour and a half. 

Years ago I read this statement and found it so true this past week –

When you get to the place that there’s nothing left but God, you find He is enough.
This was no life-altering illness as some of you have experienced, but it was enough to cause me to call out to Him all throughout the evening, nighttime and daylight hours.  This is what He wants from all of us.  We mustn’t be afraid to ask Him to make His nearness known, fearing illness, or some other hardship.  If we connect what we know to be true about our God, we’ll know that however He desires to teach us will be the best way for us to learn. 
He doesn’t always take away the storm, but instead He gives us Himself to enable us to endure it. He didn’t stop the storm when the disciples were in the boat, but He joined Himself in the boat, and that is what made the difference!
Whatever you’re facing today, be reminded that the Lord is with you in the middle of it.  He wants you to call out to Him – that’s part of the reason He sent it into your life.  Then also remember that He is joined up with you in that storm.  He is very near. Be not afraid.
With love,

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